Jul 022022

The line-up for Brainstorm Festival 2022 is complete! The final bands are Fallen Sanctuary and VRS:NSMV. Previously, headliners Firewind, Swallow The Sun and Scar Symmetry had been announced.

The Austrian/Italian ensemble Fallen Sanctuary may not immediately ring a bell, until we mention that this is the new band of vocalist Georg Neuhauser (Serenity, Warkings) and Marco Pastorino (singer/guitarist of Temperance). Expect multi-voiced power-metal of a high level. Fallen Sanctuary will be doing a show on the mainstage as well as in our theater hall.

Another artist set for our theater is VRS:NSMV, the side-project of pianist Nacht from German black-metal band Opus Irae. Expect a dark, classical piano concert where you can relax for a while in our lovely theater seats. A nice moment of rest during the festival and at the same time surprising and exciting.

The total lineup for Friday, November 4 is now as follows:
Scar Symmetry / Signum Regis / Wytch Hazel / Vetrar Draugurinn

And for Saturday, November 5:
Firewind / Swallow The Sun / Sleeping Romance / Iotunn / Fallen Sanctuary / Sáwol / VRS:NSMV

The 15th edition of het Brainstorm Festival will – of course – be held at Podium Gigant in Apeldoorn (NL). In addition to concerts on the mainstage, there will be a theater room for unplugged shows and interviews. The festival also offers an exhibition, a beer tasting and a small CD market, for the ultimate festival experience.

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