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Background I grew up on my parent's farm in Lincolnshire, England where we raised cattle for beef. In 1986 I went to study Accountancy in the Steel City (Sheffield) and have stayed there ever since. Sheffield is the fourth largest city in the UK. I am married with two children. Music I like heavy metal, thrash, hard rock and punk. I grew up listening to Saxon, Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Sex Pistols, The Clash and Judas Priest. I can also be found listening to U2, John Lee Hooker and Iona (celtic). My favourite bands are Demon Hunter, Disciple, Altar Bridge, Saint, Stryper, Judas Priest and Megadeth. One of my favourite albums is Demon Hunter "The Tryptych". Hobbies Going to gigs, taking video and putting it on youtube. My web pages

S91 – “Behold The Mankind”

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Dec 072016

Behold The Mankind S91 is an Italian melodic progressive metal band. The name is derived from ‘Salmo’, which is the Italian word for psalm. They go further on their website to explain that Psalm 91:11 in the NIV is “For he will command his angels concerning you, to guard you in all your ways”. S91 was founded in 2006 with the intention of playing rock music with Christian lyrics. They released the debut ‘Sto Per Tornare’ EP (2009) and its first full-length album ‘Volontà Legata’ (2011), developing their own style of progressive metal with psychedelic rock influences.

S91 released their next full-length album (their first with entirely English lyrics) ‘Behold The Mankind’ on 7th November 2016 through Underground Symphony. It is a concept album about the history of mankind based on Christian theology. The style is progressive metal with modern shades, psychedelic atmospheres and complex time signature. It appeals to fans of Delain, Darkwater and Shadow Gallery. The album is produced by Cristiano Bertocchi (Vision Divine, Labyrinth, Wind Rose).

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Nov 122016

The_Italians_ep_19e The Italians are an Italian-British pop-rock band founded in 2009 by British singer-songwriter William Oliver Knight. He had moved from London to Italy to find musical inspiration. In 2015 the original group disbanded and William met bassist Alberto Rigoni. This started a new era for The Italians, which saw the duo add a drummer in Alessandro Miazzi. The first full album ‘Oh Boys What Have You Done’ (2015) was comprised of twelve songs expressing different musical eras. It was a collection of stories with a variety of different characters.

In April 2016 William Knight, Alberto Rigoni and Alessandro Miazzi entered the studio and recorded the ‘Live at the Teatro delle Voci’ EP. They chose four songs from ‘Oh Boys What Have You Done’ to record in a natural atmosphere.

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Nov 102016

enbound_artwork_2016_ace-1 Enbound was formed in 2006 by Mike Cameron Force (Mikael Hornqvist) from Borås, Sweden. He had previously played with bands like Zonata and Poem. The experienced bass player, Swede “Machine gun fingers” Odén was added along with guitar virtuoso, Marvin Flowberg. Finally in 2009 the band found their lead singer in Lee Hunter (Lars Säfsund) who is famous for his time in the Swedish melodic rock band Work of Art, performances in musicals like Jesus Christ Superstar, TV shows like “Let’s Dance”, Eurovision Song Contest and working with musicians like Bill Champlin [Chicago] and Joseph Williams [Toto]. The band’s sound has been likened to the melodic power metal of Kamelot with the vocal harmonies of Sonata Arctica.

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Stairway – “Power And Glory”

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Oct 122016

power_and_glory_35d Stairway was formed in 1978 and is known for playing classic New Wave of British Heavy Metal, which took the world by storm in the eighties. NWOBHM covered a diverse range of bands and included Iron Maiden, Def Leppard, Saxon and Motorhead. The UK band’s debut ‘No Rest : No Mercy’ (1993) was produced by Paul Hodson (Hard Rain / Bob Catley). This was followed by ‘Bleeding Heart’ (1999) and ‘On Hallowed Ground’ (2002). Then interest in the debut album began to take off and Stairway signed a deal with Retroactive Records to re-release the ‘No Rest: No Mercy’ album. They went on to release ‘The Other Side of Midnight’ (2006) and ‘Interregnum’ (2010).

The band now comprises Graeme Leslie (lead vocals & bass), Pete Jennens (lead guitar) and Andy Edwards (drums). They return in force with ‘Power and Glory’ (2016). Reflecting the fact that this is classic eighties metal, the artwork is by Rodney Matthews (Magnum, Praying Mantis, Asia).

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Indominus – “Legion Within”

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Aug 182016

legion_within_ep_07f There are times when a band needs a fresh start. An example that springs readily to mind is when Creed split up and regrouped as Alter Bridge. In this case, Indominus (taken from the Latin, meaning True King) is born out of the ashes of ForChristSake. The two remaining original members are Mark Payne (bass) and Simon Cochrane (lead guitar & backing growls). They are joined by Alan Duddy (lead vocals), Logan McKee (rhythm guitar) and Nathan Glasgow (drums).

Now don’t get me wrong, I did like their previous incarnation as FCS. But it was lacking a certain something that I couldn’t quite put my finger on at the time. With a change of personnel, it sees the Northern Irish thrash / melodic death metal outfit playing harder, faster and more brutal. The production and sound quality on ‘Legion Within’ (2016) is far superior to their previous efforts and will be released by Roxx Productions. They had ditched the orthodox imagery and seem more at ease with their new identity as they have matured. All of which is in their favour, so all hail the newly empowered Indominus.

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