Sep 252023

Since the beginning of its career, Narnia has created a close relationship with their Latin American fans. The whole continent embraced the band with enthusiasm, providing them with loyal and passionate followers. Their music, with its infectious energy, inspiring lyrics and impressive technical skill, resonates deeply with Latin American fans, who can relate to the intensity and emotion transmitted by their songs.

The band recognizes and values this unconditional support, and this is reflected in their close relationship with their Latin American fans. They performed twice in Mexico and also toured twice in South America, and with another successful tour this time visiting the 3 Americas (North, Central and South) just ended. These live shows are moments of celebration, where fans and band come together in an atmosphere of pure energy. Energy that is unparalleled and Narnia always makes a point of reciprocating, delivering intense and memorable performances.

In addition, the band maintains constant contact with fans through social networks and other online platforms. They interact regularly, responding to comments, sharing updates, and establishing a more personal connection. This virtual proximity allows fans to feel like being part of the Narnia family, closely following the band’s creative process, news and achievements.

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Sep 222023

American Arson have just dropped THREE new singles from their upcoming album “Sand & Cinder, Tide & Timber”, out November 3 on Facedown Records

The whole album plays on themes that tie together with connecting lyrical threads, while also producing superior stand-alone tracks. Songs like “Arrowheads” and “Adversity” acknowledge that life is full of misery and difficult trials that can be used to strengthen us in our lives, celebrating the completed victory in Christ – undisputed and final! The most interesting concept from The band’s second full length for Facedown is the self-contained trilogy called “The Heat” in which the band imagines what it would be like to travel back in time to offer their teenage selves advice to navigate the music industry.

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Sep 222023

The melodic power metal band Signum Regis just released a lyric video for ‘Daniel’s Prophecy’, the second single from their new album “Undivided”.

“Undivided” will be released on CD, limited vinyl editions and digital on November 17th via Ulterium Records.

Ronnie König of Signum Regis comments on the new single:
“The song ‘Daniel’s Prophecy’ is one of the band’s favourite songs. It is mainly up-tempo, but it also goes through a couple of mood and tempo changes and has epic lyrics inspired by the Book of Daniel. The chorus is a really good one. It’s one of those that stick with you and you want to sing it with the band. It will become a part of our live shows for sure. We hope you’ll enjoy it!”

The video can be watched below.

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Sep 212023

Temperance, the Italian maestros of modern melodic/symphonic metal, have revealed a brand-new lyric video for their second single, “No Return”, cut from their exciting concept album, Hermitage – Daruma’s Eyes Pt. 2, out October 20, 2023 via Napalm Records!

Immediately catching on with an energetic upbeat, No Return” gleams with the band’s top-notch sing-along refrain and operatic fragments. Underlined by the captivating rhythm of the orchestration and drums, the song comes along with a magical lyric video that visualizes a new chapter of the story.

Introducing the band’s new lineup with further festival appearances this autumn, Temperance is looking forward to joining Serentity’s Nemesis AD European tour in spring 2024.
Singer and guitarist Marco Pastorino on’No Return’:
“After the opening track of the album, ‘Daruma’, we decided to give you something from the middle of the story. You will discover some details about Viktor’s journey, the main character of Hermitage plus one of the best vocal performances of Kristin Starkey.”

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Sep 202023

Our friends at Nordic Mission are back with a new edition of their own metal festival, Nordic Fest will be held 28th. October 2023 and the place is as usual in Sub Scene, Oslo downtown, Norway. They checked in with the following:

Nordicfest is coming up!…


These past weeks we had to make a serious decision concerning this year’s Nordic Fest.

In the spring time we were enthusiastic and made an optimistic budget based on the good ol’ glory festival times. However, we had too much going on and were late with band announcements, ticket sales and most importantly: PROMOTION!

So should we just CANCEL Nordic Fest this year? It might have been an easier thing to do since the risk was too high with the current line-up, but at the same time a decision we really did not want to make. Instead, we give you a one-day festival on the 28th of October. There will be 4 bands on stage: WYTCH HAZEL from the UK, MORGARTEN from Switzerland, CRIMSON MOONLIGHT from Sweden and Norway’s fresh new doom metal band ZEBULON.

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