Dec 292016

NARNIA_ST_FRONT_RGB_1_7ffSwedish melodic metal band Narnia is confirmed to play Metanoia Fest. 2017 which will be held on 21 and 22 April at Correria Music Bar In Vila Velha, Espirito Santo/Brazil.

The complete line-up consists of: Narnia, 7th Symphony, Broad and Sharp, Comboio Calibre, Fire, Lammah, Legacy of Kain, Maieuttica, Ninetieth Storm, Perpetual Legacy, Puritan, Ravengar, Social Disparity, Soldiers.

Narnia‘s South American tour kicks off April 21th. in Recife, Brazil. All dates and locations are listed below.

The Swedish melodic metal band Narnia is finally back for the metal attack! Celebrating 20 years as a band, they are back with a brand new studio album. Their long awaited & 7th studio album is released worldwide on Sept. 16 through Deep Within Management. Continue reading »

Sep 242016

lok_brazil_b2fAfter more than 20 years of career and playing through important bands in the Metal scene (Crosskill, Devil Torturer, Desertor, Messianic Cry, Seven Angels and Doomsday Hymn) both guitarists Angelo Torquetto and Karim Serri advertise that they were stating a new band. Now, not just the public that follow their trajectory but also the headbangers from Brazil and the whole world have a great reason to celebrate, because one more consistent name rise up with a mission to honor and represent all the Metal strength: Legacy of Kain.

“After many trial and errors, we end up learning lots of things about band, relationship, how to work and focus,” says Karim Serri. “When we gather to start the band, LOK (Legacy of Kain), we thought about to use everything we´ve learned all those years to our advantage”.

Besides the guitarists, LOK includes the bassist Leon PS (Ex-Efrata) and Drummer Tiago Rodrigues. The vocals is the responsability of Angelo Torquetto, who already played this role in other bands that he played. About the new partners, Karim says that they called two guys that think the same way and have the same goal we have with no restrictions. We have a high expectancy with this band. Not about fame and success … it is relative, but it is about commitment and availability to go to any places the Metal takes us”. Continue reading »

Aug 262016

Dynasty_2016_411“Into Righteousness” is the first demo tape recorded by the Brazilian metal band Dynasty. Originally released in 1997, the demo was recorded by Nahor Andrade (Vocals), Filipe Duarte (Bass), Samuel Magno (Drums), Daflas Cruz and Walter Canuto (Guitar).

The demo contains the following tracks: 01 – Intro, 02 – The Prayer, 03 – War, 04 – Decibels, 05 – Today, 06 – Heroes, 07 – Wicked Streets, 08 – My Life

Now, the demo is available for streaming in the Spotify player below: Continue reading »

May 032016

azorrague_2016_cacThe Brazilian Death Thrash Metal band Azorrague has released its first video late last month (April 23), ‘Bringer Of Terror’ is the title track of the new album which has been released in November. The video can be watched below

The video was filmed in ‘Old Tatoo e Piercing’ and ‘Comunidade Gólgota’, film by Guilherme Ikeda and his script by the drummer Macarrão.

Drummer Macarrão says that “The idea (of ‘Bringer Of Terror) is to confront the alienation and the bizarre things people do without question, as well as blind obedience to a supposed priest. These among many other other things that trample on human dignity and to kill in the name of religion, whatever it may be. ‘
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Feb 042016

Maestah_Oct. 2015The debut album of Brazilian prog. metal band Maestah has been released in may 2015, one year later the album can be streamed on Spotify.

‘Shelter’ – the new music video is released Oct. 26, the track is taken from their self-titled debut album. The video is recorded in July 2015 in São Luiz do Purunã -Paraná, Brazil. The video can be watched below.

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