theNAME – “Unchained”

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Feb 162014

unchainedThe Dutch band theNAME just released their new album “Unchained”. This female fronted metalband played in the most prominent places in the Netherlands. Lets check out their new album.

theNAME comes from Haarlem in the Netherlands and this is their fifth album since 2002. “Unchained” contains 12 songs and the first impression is very good. The vocals are very good and also technically it sound good. The production from the album is certainly done very well.

The album starts with ‘Draw the Line’, a solid rock song. The female vocals are really nice, this lady can sing very well. Musically its fits very well together. It continues with ‘Radiate’, a bit more quieter song with some grunts. ‘Masquerade’ sounds nice, some head banging parts altered by some more melodic parts, this should sound live awesome. ‘Twisted’ starts interesting and takes nicely off with some guitar riffs, followed by nice soft vocals. Continue reading »

Monotheist – Unforsaken

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Mar 152013

Monotheist_unforsakenMonotheist is a death/progressive metal band from Orlando, Florida (USA) and they released their album “Unforsaken” in November last year, after signing with Shigionoth Records. Lets check this one out.

Monotheist started in 2004 as a project and evolved into a band. In 2007 the released their album “Unforsaken”, which is now re-released through their new label.

The album consists of 8 songs with a total playing time of over 62 minutes. Not bad! The album kicks off with “Beheading Azazel” and its sounds really brutal. Fast death metal with nice guitars riffs and fast double bass. Accompanied with some nice death grunts, which can be understood well, it’s a well balanced song. “Through Vangrant eyes” takes up more then 11 minutes of your time. Its continues is a very fast paste. Really quick drums. These guys play very well. It has some nice twists which makes it very nice to listen to. “Shroud of the Malefactor” starts calm, until all brutal power is released. And again a song of over 11 minutes! Very nice guitar solo’s altered with death grunts. Continue reading »

Allos – Spiritual Battle

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Feb 162013

Allos_Spiritual BattleAllos is a new band from Brazil who released their first album in 2012. They started in 2003 and last year their debut album “Spiritual Battle” was released.

The name Allos means Other and revers to The Holy Spirit. That’s a nice name to have as a band. But also a promising. Let’s check it out.

The albums contains 10 songs with a total playing time of 42 minutes, not bad for a debut album.

The kickoff of the album is “Unknown world” and is an instrumental into and flows very nice over into “Mirror of the Deep waters”, which gives us the full range of power metal at their disposal. This sounds good. Vocals are good, very good actually. Also guitars, bass, drums and keys are very well performed. Continue reading »

Zero+onE – Der Krieg

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Jan 212013

Zero+One _ Der Krieg _ artworkAnd now something else than the regular. Zero+onE released their second cd in april 2012: Der Krieg. A German title for a Finnish musician. Sounds intriguing.

Zero+onE is a solo project from Armath Sargon who also did some other projects. Zero+onE is unblack industrial metal with a war theme, as the title suggest.  It describes the World War 2 from a Christian perspective. It tells the horrors of the war in German language. And that’s unusual. Continue reading »

Vandroya – “One”

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Dec 262012

vandroyaoneFrom Brazil a new power metal band is to release their first full length album in January. Vandroya is one of the best kept secrets from Brazil but now exposing Europe and the rest of the world to their epic progressive power metal. Any good?

Vandroya started in 2001 and in 2005 they released their first EP “Within Shadows”. 5 Years later they started recording their debut album “One” which will be released in January 2013 through Inner Wound Recordings (Yes, Soulspell). The album contains 10 songs with a total playing time of over 50 minutes.

“All Becomes One” is the kickoff of the album and starts quiet with some soft keys, which makes you wonder in which world you’ve arrived. The violin part is beautiful. In “The Last Free Land”, its like you’re starting a 12 cylinder car and suddenly, of it goes off, with fast guitar riffs and some great female vocals. Daisy Munhoz has an excellent voice which fits perfectly in the power metal genre and fits perfectly with Vandroya. Continue reading »