Jul 252019

Wolves at the Gate released the music video for ‘Drifter,’ a single from their upcoming album “Eclipse,” which will be released tomorrow’s (July 26th)

Though there has been a lyric video for each single to release from the album so far, this is the first music video for the upcoming project. The record, from Solid State Records, is the band’s fourth studio album and sees the band producing more of their own music than ever before on top of a few line-up changes.

Wolves At The Gate is a post hardcore band out of Columbus, Ohio. Since 2008, the band’s reputation has been built on a foundation of lyrical authenticity and sonic evolution-both easily identifiable in their fourth studio release, “Eclipse “.

Inspired by the natural phenomenon and its ability to mask light, cast shadows and cause chaos, “Eclipse” is a multifaceted record telling one major story in a myriad of ways: don’t let what’s real be hidden by darkness. Where one song feels fast and youthful, the next feels melancholic and foreboding; an apt illustration of the sporadic nature of the human mind. The record is also the band’s most lyrically-diverse collection of songs yet, as they express their thoughts on the United States’ relationship with racism, radicalism and prejudice in the song ‘History’, the political and religious landscape in ‘Evil Are The Kings’ and ‘Counterfeit’, and more. Vocalist/guitarist Stephen Cobucci says of the album:

We named the record ‘Eclipse’ because of how well it encapsulated the relationship the light and the dark can have. An eclipse tells you that it’s dark, but it takes truth and faith to know that the sun is still shining. All of this revolves around my walk of faith in believing the truths of the gospel message, seeking to help others find hope and peace in the love of God, as well as how to come to grips with various social/political/personal issues. Alongside Cobucci is Ben Summers (bass), Abishai Collingsworth (drums), Nick Detty (vocals), and the band’s newest member Joey Alarcon (who co-produced alongside Cobucci).


01 – The Cure
02 – Face To Face
03 – A Voice In The Violence
04 – Drifter
05 – Enemy
06 – Evil Are The Kings
07 – Eclipse
08 – Response
09 – History
10 – The Sea Is Between
11 – Alone
12 – Counterfeit
13 – Blessings & Curses

Pre-orders now available here

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Video for ‘Drifter’



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