deneckerName: Donovan de Necker
Nickname: None
Born: 13th October 1975
Hometown: Port Elizabeth
Country: South Africa
Sex: Male
Marital Status: Married
Children: 2 boys, aged 1 ½ years and 5 years old

Job at TMR: Reviewer
Favourite music: Punk, Jazz, hardcore, ska, rockabilly, blues, thrash, youth crew, classical, rap
Favourite bands: Absolved, Street Dogs, Noise Agents, Megadeth, False Idle, Living Fire, Metanoia, Saint Hooligan, Brian Setzer, Lauren Mann and the fairly odd folk, Fuzigish, Rambling Bones, Nuclear Assault, Suicidal Tendencies, Dokken, DRI, Angelic Upstarts, Adicts, Madness, Insyderz, Sounds like Chicken, Bruce Springsteen, The Jam, Bill Haley, Carl Perkins, Joan Jett, The Blitz, The Business, Mocca, Vivaldi, Johnny Cash, Alice Cooper, Japan and I, Rob Halford, Judas Priest, Big Country, No Friends of Harry, The Way, Grace and Thieves, Platoon 1107, Rogue Anthem, The Lonely Revolts, Unisef, True Liberty, Infirmities, Hanover Saints, Officer Negative, Seasick Steve, Leviticus, OC Supertones, Dag Nasty, Chuck Ragan, Thunder, The Bangles and many many many more……
Hobbies: Music, collect music, cars, food, read, study, write, drawing

Additional info: I play in the hardcore punk band THE OLD-TIMERS, work as the right hand man to Dave Aaron at THUMPER PUNK RECORDS. Host a radio show called J.C.H.C. DANCE AND SLAM SHOW on GROK RADIO. Also write reviews on various bands for THE METAL RESOURCE. I am a Sunday school Pastor also at my local church. I am a family man, love my wife and kids, enjoy relaxing on the beach, enjoy writing music, love my church family. I was an A-political Atheist until about age 23. Been involved in the punk rock world since 12 years old. Played drums for about 9 years. Studied art, fine arts, graphic arts, photography, graphic design, textile design, pottery and history of art. I collect music. Did sport at a national level during high school; excelled in Javelin throw. Love studying theology, and the Word, Love Jesus, love God and the Holy Spirit.


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  1. Hey Donovan,

    this is Lynn A. Neissner from Ancient Prophecy. We wanna thank you so much for your kindly and very joyful review about “Pounded By Our Sins”. Thank you for your compliments and for you lovely words about our style and our faith. You recognized the really truth and wrote in the right direction. It’s very interesting to read your lines and your meaning about our band and their lyrics. An interview about our band that we started with Elco is in work. We with you and your family all the best and a big blessing from our father in heaven Jesus Christ. Very nice greetings from Germany. Ancient Prophecy, Lynn André Neissner 🙂

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