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Oct 222020

We are looking for CD reviewers – all-round (Hardrock, Punk, Doom, Power, Death, Thrash etc) but also a Metal/Hardcore orientated reviewer. This is what we ask of you:

“Basic requirements

  • You have free time, that you want to invest in the website
  • You agree with Mauce.nl’s mission statement and act accordingly
  • You have (a bit of) experience in writing articles / reviews.
  • Knowledge of the English language.
  • Love for (Christian) Rock and Metal music
  • Work with deadlines for publications.
    * You have the time and capability to write at least two reviews each month.
  • You’re not biased against any genre and if you are then it won’t show in your reviews. You can form a few paragraphs of well written explanations on why an album is or is not good. You can be as unbiased as possible.

“What do you get in return?”
*  There is no money involved (sorry). We’re a webzine made for fans, run by fans for more than fourteen years now.

  • You get to keep any promo’s you review
  • You do get the joy of watching your own material, being posted in our online metal webzine with your name on it, posted on all our social media (Twitter, Facebook, MeWe, Telegram) and you will be part of our international crew.

Still interested, or if you have any questions, contact us via the emailadres below and tell us about yourself, give us a motivation and if possible send us an example of your writing skills.

themetalresource (a) gmail.com

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