Mar 182022

“Red Dragon” is the second studio-album for the Italian modern ‘female fronted’ metal band Volturian. Featuring mastermind Federico Mondelli (Be The Wolf, Frozen Crown, Nocturna) and frontwoman / vocalist Federica Lanna. A mix of melancholic metal, poppy goth and electronic layers (Depeche Mode-alike). For fans of: Within Temptation, Evanescence, Delain, Temperance, Leaves’ Eyes and Lacuna Coil.

The second Volturian effort is a truly inspired and stylish rendering of the modern ‘female fronted’ metal blueprint. A blend of the gothic & melancholic feeling of the exceptional debut “Crimson” (2020) with an even more refined pop vein and some extra subtle electronic layers. Each “Red Dragon” song displays a very contemporary sound, intriguing arrangements and charming sonic dynamics; not to mention the always masterful Federico Mondelli trademark songwriting. Graced by the heartful interpretation of frontwoman Federica Lanna, lyrically and aesthetically inspired by Thomas Harris’ “Red Dragon” (the novel who gave birth to the Hannibal Lecter myth) and Alan Moore and Frank Miller’s graphic novels, the new Volturian record will wrap the listeners into a warm blanket to open their eyes in a thrilling scarlet light.

“Red Dragon” will be released on May 20th 2022 via Scarlet Records.

Empty World
Torn Asunder
Burn It Up
Distant Cares
Bury Me

Volturian is a new Modern Metal project founded by singer Federica Lanna (Sleeping Romance) and songwriter Federico Mondelli (Frozen Crown). Drawing heavy inspiration from 90’s and early 2000 Metal as well as 80’s Pop music, the talented frontwoman and the prolific composer join forces, creating a unique brand of melody and heaviness mixed with strong electronic elements.

Lanna’s ethereal and mellow vocals flow graciously between catchy choruses and breathtaking verses, contrasting with Mondelli’s Swedish Death Metal inspired guitar riffs, this time putting more emphasis on groove. The sound that derives from it could be reminiscent of a mixture between Evanescence and ‘Reroute To Remain’-era In Flames.

Volturian‘s debut album “Crimson” has been released on April 24th. 2020 via Scarlet Records (EU/US) and Marquee Avalon (Japan).

Our album review of “Crimson” can be found here.

Federica Lanna – vocals
Federico Mondelli – guitar & keyboards
Massimiliano Rossi – bass
Andrea Zannin – drums

Upcoming Shows:
20 May – Isola Rock, Verona, Italia

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