Sep 112017

Vagabonds (Luke Dean) checked in with the following:

“Last week I moved into a house that I really love! It’s provided me with a much needed space to create, so that’s just what I’ve been doing. Expect a new video live from my house every Thursday in September!”

“This is the first one of those videos. It’s my rendition of Paul Baribeau’s beautiful song “Wild Eyes”. I have really sentimental attachments to this song, so I’m glad I got around recording my version of it. Share with a friend who likes Paul Baribeau so they can roast me.”

There are bands like Grand Rapids, Michigan’s Vagabonds, whose music is so personal, so intimate, that it eclipses these other purposes for the listener, and the album becomes almost memoir-esque. “I Don’t Know What To Do Now,” the band’s first full-length, is singer-songwriter Luke Dean’s story, a memory book stuffed full of black and white photos, of powerful quotes, of artifacts of a life survived.

Ultimately, bands like Vagabonds offer the listener little room for interpretation. But here they get something more than, say, another expressive portrait or a mere political manifesto; they get honesty, passion, catharsis, all candid and raw—Luke Dean’s truth, his whole self.

Vagabonds debut album “I Don’t Know What To Do Now” is released on June 30 via Blood & Ink Records.

Upcoming Shows:
Oct. 12 – Vagabonds, Party Jacket, S N O O Z E, Thomas Casey,616 Music Venue 616 58th ST, Kenosha 53140

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