Nov 252018

Metalheads, First Paradox Metalshop has a lot of new titles. Here the summary:

Theocracy – Mirror of Souls Website / Facebook / Twitter 2LP – Black VINYL 25,-
Theocracy – Mirror of Souls 2LP – Transparent VINYL 28,-
Grave Decay – From Dust to Dust 10,-
Renascent – Praise of the Lord God Almighty 12,-
Theocracy – Mirror of Souls 2LP – black (25,-) and transparent discs (28,-)
InnerWish – Waiting for the Dawn 12,-
InnerWish – Silent Faces 12,-
InnerWish – Inner Strength 12,-
InnerWish – Waiting for the Dawn 1LP VINYL (23,-)
InnerWish – Silent Faces 2LP VINYL (25,-)
InnerWish – Inner Strangth 2LP VINYL (25,-)
Angel Nation – Aeon 12,-
Pyramaze – Contingent 12,-
LEAH – The Quest 12,-
LEAH – The Quest 2LP VINYL BLACK 23,-
Askara – Horizon of Hope 12,-
Sleeping Romance – Alba 15,-
Barnabas – Hear The Light 15,-
Barnabas – Feel the Fire 15,-
Barnabas – Approaching Light Speed 15,-
Barnabas – Find Your Heart A Home 15,-
Barnabas – Little Foxes 15,-
Barren Cross – Rock for the King 15,-
Barren Cross – Birth Pangs (2-CD live digipak) 17,
Styper – God Damn Evil 15,-
Bride – Snake Eyes CD 15,-
Bride – Snake Eyes 12 VINYL 24,-
Fit for a king – Dark Skies 15,-
My Epic – Ultraviolet 13,-
Dens – No Small Tempest 13,-

The entire list can be found here


First Paradox sells CDs, DVDs, vinyl and band merchandise. In addition to internet sales, we visit numerous festivals where we set up stands.

First Paradox is a non-profit organization and is run by metal fans from the very beginning. The proceeds of First Paradox are spent on new metal, investments in bands, special products and sponsorship of festivals.

In collaboration with Brainstorm Festival, First Paradox starts in 2014 with Rock for Eternity. A small-scale festival in Amersfoort with the aim to give bands the chance to prove themselves in the Netherlands and to enjoy bands that have already achieved this.

The third and last edition of Rock for Eternity was held in April 2016. The line-up consisted of: InnerWish, Metatrone, Malchus, A Sickness Unto Death, Wolfer and Nefast.

For more information on First Paradox: Website / Facebook / Twitter

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