The Weakening– “Chains of Plato”

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The Swedish death metal band “The Weakening” last year (2018) announced the re-release of their debut album “Chains of Plato” which first came out in 2012. The five-men gathered from bands like Divinefire, Crimson Moonlight, Exhale, Solution 45, Miseration and Renascent to work on an extraordinary record. This album was released in collaboration with Nordic Mission.  The band’s sound has guttural vocals, scathing screams tied well with groovy riffs muffled with charry distortion bringing about a hint of djent. The album utilizes electronica to add superior soundscapes that sets an ambient that’s carried forward from song to song. What’s more amazing is the idea that these songs have been written almost 6 years back and that they still possess the energy and remain relevant as of today.

So I pick up this record, rather late from its original release and re-release to see what do they have to offer.  The album opens up with “The Rise” which starts with a heavy and catchy riff driving the song forward, the blast beats although sporadic and intermittent will surprise you. I could hear a mix of guttural screams and aggressive high pitched vocal delivery which works well with a barrage of riffage that’s on the song. Next up, “Blood Fuels Destruction” utilizes the blast beats to quite an extent and has a melodic section on the vocals which adds sonic flavour to the song. The low-tuned guitar riffs fall nothing short of amazing and adds the djent when played in perfect synchronisation with double bass on the drums.

“Weakening Thoughts” uses Flanger and Phaser to blow your mind with maddening energy that’s brought forward in the heavy chugs that are strummed and the pounding that the drums receive. An interesting interlude breaks apart the song and adds a massive sludge dimension to the song, but let that not fool you because the song writing on it cleverly brings it back to the way it started. Phantasmagoria! “System Failing” has a catchy guitar riff at the intro that launches the song into quite a different direction, this shows amazing song writing prowess. The song brings about a plethora of guitar riffs, some you can groove on to, and some you could lose your mind to. There is so much progression on this song, that it baffles me how the intro riff kept it all together. This has to be the work of a Conjurer!

“Web of Lies” rummages on a rumbling bass which is accentuated by the bashing on the drums, the guitars provide an off note play-through which makes this song as original from its predecessors as any. I’m quite impressed that The Weakening worked hard and beautifully to not let any formulaic define or establish on the record. Did I mention the scathing scream that will pierce you and transport you to mental moshpit!

“Transparent Attitude” loses no energy as it punches and pounces its way into this album. Interesting interlude adds in a little bit of Metalcore with an off-beat riff which splendidly carries it off to its end. If you thought this record was going to get any bit mellow, you’d be mistaken as we move on to “Self Hatred” and “Veracity Progress”. The band has already defined that they love grooving and that you are in for tightly coupled guitar riffs, with crunchy and sporadic blast beats on the drums and highly aggressive vocal delivery. “Veracity Progress” gets you grooving to its offbeat riffing and stuns you with the screams hitting as high as the sky.

Choppy guitars introduce “Awaken to Existence” but whats amazing is how the song is structured to bring about a Metalcore theme at its heart, the plenty of riffs that brings about a lot of progression throughout the breadth of the song. Although, the song never misses to add the groove, the interlude gives a much needed breather. This tremendous album culminates with one last gem “30 Years of Pain”. So much energy exuberates from this song and sets as the final reminder for its audience of the amount of energy that’s has gone in to making this record.  Make sure you drink plenty of fluids before you spin this record for the second time. Because it’ll be hard to stay in one place.

Production – The production on this album is great, the tones are well balanced and every instrument gets its fair share of limelight.

Conclusion – The song writing is mature, it’s a very energetic album, with each song standing out from its predecessor keeping the album as unique as possible. If you haven’t already, I would recommend you, buy this record instantly!

Rating: 9/10

Written by: Ankit Sood

1. The Rise
2. Blood Fuels Destruction
3. Weakening Thoughts
4. System Failing
5. Web Of Lies
6. Transparent Attitude
7. Self Hatred
8. Veracity Progress
9. Awaken To Existence
10. 30 Years Of Pain

Johan Ylenstrand- Bass
David Wedegård -Drums
Marcus Skägget -Guitars
Jani Stefanović – Guitars
Barry Halldan -Vocals

Release Date: Dec. 1st. 2018

Record Label: Nordic Mission Productions,

Weblinks: Facebook

Buy the album here:
Holland: First Paradox
Norway: Nordic Mission

Video (audio) for ‘Weakening Thoughts’

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