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Swedish Gothic Rock/Metal Band The HERO will release the first single from their upcoming album this Friday (Jan. 18th). The new album will be released later this year. Check out a short video message from the band below.

The upcoming album will be the follow-up to “Miracles” which has been released on Dec. 16th. 2016 via Roxx Records. 

Our review for “Miracles” can be found here.

The HERO” means Heavy, melancholic and beautiful songs that appeal to more than just “Metal Heads”. The recipe for The HERO is: heavy groovy guitars, thundering bass, bombastic drums, melodic baritone vocals but most important of all, strong melodies for the eternity.”

The HERO” is not the hardest band out there, nor the fastest, but definitely an “ORIGINAL” band and you cannot really compare The HERO with something else, The HERO has an “original- touched” sound. Yes! It’s heavy, yes! It’s beautiful, yes! It’s catchy. Yes! It’s gothic, yes! It’s dark, yes it’s immortal, YES! IT’S THE HERO.

The HERO” is: Michael Hero – Guitar and Lead vocals, Emanuel Wärja – Guitar and Background vocals, Daniel Mouton – Drums & Henrik Deleskog – Bass.

The HERO” is a highly energetic experience on stage and live. Prepare to cry, prepare to laugh and prepare to rock! The HERO will hold you in a grip from which you cannot escape. You’ll be humming the tunes when you go to sleep.

Weblinks: Facebook  / Reverbnation / Website

Friday 18th of January Will be the release of the first single “Cold World” of our new album!Please share this to your friends & groups!

Geplaatst door The HERO op Vrijdag 11 januari 2019

Video (audio) for ‘Cold World’ (teaser)


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