The Devil Wears Prada – “Space” EP

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Dec 272016

thedevilwearspradaspaceepThe American Metalcore band The Devil Wears Prada is back with their second EP called ‘The Space EP’. Since the very beginning of the band in 2005, they released 6 albums and 1 other EP. Their first cd was called ‘Dear Love: A Beautiful Discord’ and ceme out in 2006. However, the most remembering album was ‘Plaques’ (2007) and was their great breaktrough with song like ‘HTML Rulez DOOd’ and ‘Hey John What Is Your Name’. In 2010 they released an EP called ‘The Zombie EP’ (2010) and that one was focused on one theme. After two more albums and five years they decided to make another theme-based EP: The Space EP (2015).

Planet A is the first song of The Space EP and is a great opening song that lets see what you can expect of the rest of the EP: a lot of variation of metalcore and nice breakdowns with a mix of clean vocals and some raw screams.

The next song, Alien, begins fast but is in good balance. It combines fast rhytms with heavy chords and some deep bass. This is the heaviest track on the EP, too bad it only lasts only 2:41 minutes.
And then track number 3, Moongod, at first you think it is a slow song. It starts with drums bass and piano and some spokenword screams. It is a very good balanced song with a heavy chorus and a slow verse that makes it the most diverse song of the EP.

Supernova starts with clean vocals with an up-tempo rhythm. It’s also the song with the most clean vocals, but it isn’t a very soft song. Last, but not least, there is Asteroids. When I heared the song for the first time, I got really surprised. I might think they saved the best for last, they did a really good job with this one. The first half of the song is heavy, but then you got a slower and softer touch with a beautiful ending with soft and loud on the same time: it’ s the perfect ending of the EP.

The Space EP is a good balanced record and musically it’s as good as all TDWP work. They are one of the best metalcore bands out there, which you can hear through all of their albums. All the breakdowns makes you bang your head and the chorus are catchy enough to remember it and wants you to scream in you own livingroom till your neighbors start complaining. Musically it has the most similarities with the album 8:18; so if you haven’t heard that album and you love this one you know what to listen.

Rating 8/10

Written by 

01. Planet A
02. Alien
03. Moongod
04. Interlude (instrumental)
05. Supernova
06. Asteroid

Band Members:
Jeremy DePoyster
Mike Hranica
Andy Trick
Kyle Sipress

“Dear Love: A Beautiful Discord” (2006)
“Plagues” (2007)
“With Roots Above and Branches Below” (2009)
“Dead Throne (2011) [review]
“8:18” (2013)
“Space” EP (2015)
“Transit Blues” (2016)

Record label: Rise Records, Aug. 2015

Weblinks: Website / Facebook Twitter

Buy the album here:
Holland: First Paradox
Norway: Nordic Mission

Video below: ‘Planet A’

Video below: ‘Alien’


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