Dystopian Futures – Low Arts (ep)

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Jun 142018

Jangly, moody punk/hardcore-influenced garage band tunes just like you remember returns on the ep from Dystopian Futures.

Those in the know will remember Dave Emmerson from his stint with Donovan de Necker in The Old Timers.  The Old Timers have since moved on to other things especially challenged by Dave and Don being separated by a continent or so, and Dystopian Futures is one of the latest projects to feature the vocal stylings of Dave. Joining Dave is Scott Key (ex-Voice of the Mysterons) who also apparently hosted the recording of the project in his house in Scotland.

“Low Arts” is one of those songs with a great underlying melody fueled by jangly guitars and some keyboard backing that bounces along with Dave Emmerson (ex-Old Timers) barking out the vocals over the top describing the general moral decay around us and how God as a protector will save us. Continue reading »

May 192018

2 Minute Minor are back with their sophomore release bringing old-school youthcrew, positive hardcore back to listeners who really should be looking out for this.

For those who aren’t familiar with 2 Minute Minor, the band is a Chicago-based old-school positive hardcore punk/Oi band whose main stance is promoting unity and human rights.  Going along with this they trace influences back to 80’s hardcore bands and the influence of those bands is unmistakable in their music.  As is the case in the genre, the band is about promoting a Positive Mental Attitude while tackling issues such as substance abuse, racism, homelessness, sexism, and classism, while maintaining a sense of humor that keeps the music approachable.  This time 2MM recorded the album in Kalamazoo, MI with Jeff Hostetler with band member Zach Bridier doing the mixing and Sef Idle at Simpul Studios handling the mastering.

So, 14 songs and 16 minutes…my first thought is that this will be entertaining if nothing else since I enjoyed their first album.  For those who understand hockey at all, the intro with some radio commentary on the Stanley Cup with a Chicago Blackhawks win over rivals Detroit, is perfectly fitting and then later the song about fighting racists with Bob Probert (ex-Blackhawk and Red Wing enforcer) is a great touch, especially working in a “Bruise Brothers” reference. Continue reading »

Easter Teeth – “Truckstop Fear”

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Oct 202017

A scant three years ago, I reviewed a bizarre but catchy album, Being Alone With Your Thoughts is for Inmates by Easter Teeth and that experience has stuck with me ever since.  Well, Easter Teeth have just released another full length, Truckstop Fear, so just go check it out because all of the catchy weirdness is back and you need something like this in your life.

Easter Teeth, from California, is the brainchild of two brothers, Josh (vocals/drums) and Tim (vocals/bass/everything else) Eymann.  From what I’ve found on the interwebs, the plan was to unite Soul and Hardcore and convince people that these two genres belong together.  Three years later, this still seems to be the plan and since Being Alone… they have done a split with Moral Monsters and earlier this year released a 2 song ep Shake Hands with Danger.

Having reviewed their previous full length and finding it oddly appealing, I do have to say I was curious to see what the brothers had concocted for this release.  It didn’t take long for me to be hooked on this album.  “Honey from the Carcass” begins with a catchy drum beat, some random shouting and a funky bass line all set to a sound as if they were playing in the living room in front of me.  I dearly love live, raw recordings and from that standpoint, this was perfect and actually fits their music very well.  The drums and bass carry on throughout the song with vocals shouted seemingly from another room.  All in all, it feels very genuine and real and the listener can’t help but get the sense that Tim and Josh are having a blast while doing this and that resonates. Continue reading »

ISF – “Feel.Kill.Conceal.Reveal” ep

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Sep 092017

If pure organized chaos in music form sounds interesting to you, you will want to check out the new 4 song ep from ISF.  Even if it doesn’t sound appealing, it’s worth checking out and definitely not a waste of your 6 minutes.

ISF is the brainchild of James Nicholls, originating from the UK.  The self-described one man noise project has recently released their debut ep on ZAP Records.  Nicholls quotes Darren Malakian (System of a Down) in the liner notes and pretty much sums up the approach to the project…”We dont care what anyone says. If we like it we like it. Thats the way free form of art should be. You should be free to express yourself. There is no such thing as a bad idea”.  With that in mind, go check out the Bandcamp link and listen for yourself. Continue reading »

Jun 142017

My love for old school hardcore stems back to my teens listening to bands of the likes of Youth of Today, Judge, Agnostic Front, Black Flag, Minor Threat, 7 Seconds and many more. Got to admit I am still trying to wrap my head around today’s modern interpretations of hardcore, guess I am an old school hardcore kid till death.

So here we are with 2 Minute Minor, formed in 2016, is a positive old school style Chicago hardcore band, and immediately before even getting into the album, picture bands like Minor Threat, Black Flag and even old school D.R.I. (D.R.I. bit will explain later). So get your boots ready for some pit slamming, two-stepping hardcore old school style music done right. Consisting of Wiley Willis (Vocals) who formed this band which is reminiscent of the late 80’s to early 90’s sound; passionately screaming for change. Bob Shields (Guitar) plays punk rock riffs with pure power and he’s perfectly out of step. Zach Birdier pounds aggressively on the drums so we remember the one thing that still holds true. Virgil Lloyd’s (2nd guitar) brings us back to Old Tyme Hardcore and creates a heartbeat for the songs. Noam O (Bass) walks the bass so we don’t forget the struggle or the streets, laying down the low-end road map. 2Minute Minor now offers up to you their debut “A Goons Best Friend”, a hard-hitting dose of reality that will help you to navigate through your life just as making this record has helped 2Minute Minor enrich their own. Continue reading »