Jul 132016

signum_regis_band_2015_Signum Regis playing ‘Vengeance/Liar’ (Yngwie Malmsteen Cover), last weekend (July 9) at Headbanger RkFest in Ruzomberok, Slovakia. Video footage can be seen below. The track is taken of their EP “Through The Storm” which has been in May 2015 through Ulterium Records.

There are four new tracks on the EP, as well as a re-recorded version of ‘All Over The World’ from their debut album and a cover medley of the Yngwie Malmsteenclassics ‘Vengeance/Liar’. “Through The Storm” shows that Signum Regis is a band that is constantly developing and improving everything from song-writing and musicianship to production and the visual part of the band. With this EP and the full-length album that will be released later this year, Signum Regis will surely win over many new fans in the melodic metal scene. Continue reading »