Jan 232022

Ahead of the coming March 11th release date of their new album “Eulogies” on Solid State Records is a music video for Wolves At The Gates‘ new single, ‘Lights & Fire’. The band had Nathan William direct this visual accompaniment for the track.

The group’s vocalist/guitarist Steve Cobucci stated:

“While all of these songs were quite personal for me, this one held a different weight, as it related to a number of the most painful parts of my life. It showed me how I was holding onto things that were actually destructive to me. It was the first time that I truly felt alone. I had to end a relationship that I put a lot of hope in. Soon afterward, I got robbed. My laptop, recording gear, guitars, amps — all gone. I didn’t have the money to replace things. Soon after, I tore my ACL and meniscus, which was a blow to my aspirations to play soccer for a living. All these things combined left me feeling abandoned and asking, ‘What did I do to deserve this? Why me?’

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Nov 182021

Wolves At The Gate have debuted a new Christmas-themed single by the name of ‘Lowborn’. The band said of it, “it’s been 7yrs since we last gave you guys a Christmas song and so we are excited to share with you a new Christmas single.” A new studio album from the band titled “Eulogies” is presently headed for a March 11th release.

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Nov 182020

Wolves At The Gate have released a stripped down version of their track ‘A Voice In The Violence’. This ‘Redux’ version of the track will appear on the band’s new EP, “Dawn“, out October 09th on Solid State Records. If you’ve not seen it, the track listing for that outing can be found here.

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