Apr 222018

Italian Folk-Metal act Wind Rose are currently on the road with Ensiferum and Ex Deo, remaining dates are listed below. The band checked in with the following sad news:

We have been robbed tonight near Barcelona during our tour with Ensiferum. The thieves broke into our bus while we were asleep and stole our personal stuff (laptops, cellphones, credit cards etc…) and cash money for a total value of more than 2000€. We still have the essential things to do a show, so we will try to overcome the damage and do all the remaining shows.

If you want to support us just come see our concert and have fun with our music, and maybe buy some merchandise in case you enjoyed the show!

A video message from Francesco Cavalieri can be watched below.

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Apr 122018

Napalm Records are proud to announce that Italian Folk-Metal act Wind Rose joins the Napalm Events family (A division of Napalm Records).

Born in 2009 the band has released three records and toured with Wintersun, Finntroll, Epica, and Eluveitie since then. At the moment they are supporting Ensiferum on their “Path To Glory Tour” and bring their unique blend of Dwarven Metal all over Europe.

Wind Rose states: “Dwarves from all over the world, we are really glad to announce our collaboration with Napalm Events! It’s a great chance for us to come to your country kicking asses with our Dwarven Metal. So stay tuned for our next majestic gigs born from this epic partnership. Be there or be elves!“

Watch Wind Rose‘s single ‘To Erebor’ from their latest album “Stonehymn” below: Continue reading »

Feb 142018

Finnish folk metal band Ensiferum are happy to announce Wind Rose (Italy) as the third act on the billing for the “Path to Glory” tour who will complete the package together with Ex Deo (Italy). The tour starts on 3 April in Germany and ends on 15 May in the Netherlands. The entire tour schedule is below.

Wind Rose says:
“The Dwarven Army of Durin VIII is bringing axes and hammers all the way across Europe, together with the brothers and warriors from Ensiferum and Ex Deo. Vikings, Roman Legions and Dwarves are joining forces to bring you the most glorious battle of 2018.”

Sami from Ensiferum says:
“Hi folks! As you might have heard before, touring as its best is like a vacation with your friends and on which you get to do what you love the most: play metal for crazy crowds. We have been lucky to always have had great bands to tour with, but sometimes everything just clicks and you know that you are about to enter the ride of a lifetime! We are really proud to have our friends from Wind Rose join us on the upcoming tour with the marvelous gentlemen of Ex Deo. This tour will kick ass BIG time!” Continue reading »

Dec 262017

Italian metal band Wind Rose were part of the second edition of Dark December Days which was hosted by Desert Rose Agency. Besides Wind Rose also Desolate Fields (who replaced Trollort) and Morgarten entered the stage .

Fan-filmed video footage from the last show (Dec. 23th) of Wind Rose on this short tour in Willemeen, Arnhem (Netherlands) can be seen below. Continue reading »

Wind Rose – “Stonehymn”

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Nov 302017

Stonehymn hits you immediately with a dwarven hammer straight into the chest plate. Packing with gloomy rifts yet hopeful folk melodies, it floors you and lifts you at the same time.

The setting could easily be Lord of the Rings or Skyrim. Wind Rose return to the old days and establish themselves as iron clad dwarven bards, wandering the icy mountains somewhere in search of an inn, some mead and good entertainment, the latter which they provide themselves. Wind Rose have already played Bloodstock, UK 2017 and currently you can catch them on their Retaking of Erebor tour across Europe and as far out as Japan.

There are classical – opera undertones remnant of bands such as Nightwish which channel the vocals across realms. This is in fine balance with reliable heavy metal riffs that will not fail to satisfy the most avid metal heads. Every song on the album has an optimistic vibe and can provoke a sense of accomplishment in you just by listening to it. It could even potentially get you drinking more mead and having yourself a good time, maybe you will even dance. Continue reading »