Mar 032018

Matt Knowles, the frontman from Royal Anguish, after a long creative hiatus has come out with a new concept album, ‘Heirs Of Isildur’ having two parts, one that of a Novel/Comic series and the album that follows the storyline. I do not have the comic at the moment so I would stick with reviewing the album alone. The conceptual fantasy universe had been long in his mind and took tremendous effort to culminate. The protagonist wakes up one day to find everything he’d ever known, every place, his kinsmen obliterated from the face of the earth, and he’s left alone to make head and tail of the situation and the times to come.

The album is made available through iTunes, Spotify and Amazon was realised on the 1st of December, 2017.  There are a bunch of artists who have collaborate on this record, having guest appearances by Corey Steger (Underoath), Cassie Morris (Unicorn Death) and Chris Wicklein (Killing Additction). The album was recorded and mastered at Bonespill Studio by Bryan Exkermann (Scars of the Flesh, Screams of Abaddon). I was appeased when I read the Band’s name and mistook it for the legendary fictional character from Lord of the Rings Novel by Meister John Ronald Reuel Tolkien. Continue reading »