Sep 132020

The Tulsa, OK-based band XIII Minutes has released a lyric video for ‘Who Told You,’ an update to XIII Minutes’ 2019 single release, “Obsessed” has been released in April 2019 via Rottweiler Records, seeing a groundswell of grassroots support and momentum, but, as with a number of bands in 2020, couldn’t continue to tour due to Covid-19. After a brief hiatus with the departure of lead guitarist Aaron Smith, the band is ready to hit the digital waves with the video.

Vocalist Michael Rowley said the following:

“‘Who Told You’ is one of those songs that gets stuck in your head and doesn’t leave. That’s how we knew we were on to something good. It is still a bit surreal for me to know this song charted No. 1 one on various charts throughout 2019. … We were sandwiched in between War of Ages and Demon Hunter. I’m not gonna lie: I did fanboy a little bit and probably wandered around in disbelief for the better part of the day that I received the news.”

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