Jan 102021

‘White Flag‘, a new song from Korn guitarist Brian “Head” Welch‘s Love and Death project, can be streamed below. The track, features special guest Ryan Hayes, is taken Love and Death‘s upcoming album, “Perfectly Preserved”, which will arrive on February 12 via Earache Records. The disc is described in a press release as “a blistering but accessible full-length follow-up, driven by the spiritual resilience inherent in the first record, combined with an even starker depiction of real-life struggle.” Anger, broken relationships, lowered self-worth, and the collision of optimistic values with oppressive systems are all on display, from the arresting refrains of ‘Tragedy’‘Death Of Us’ and ‘Affliction’ to the bold, conqueror driven anthem of ‘White Flag’.

To coincide with “Perfectly Preserved”‘s release, Love and Death will play a livestreamed concert on February 12. Tickets for the show, along with album merchandise bundles, are available at this location.

Love and Death harness soaring melodies and crushing riffs, weaponizing them like a supernatural dagger to strike at the blackened heart of disillusionment from both within and without. With an instantly recognizable relatability, for anyone who has felt discarded or without value, the band crafts invigorating anthems filled with earnest pleas for mercy and certainty amidst the chaos of an uncertain world. This is heavy music to vigorously confront depression, heartbreak, and pain.

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