Jul 272018

Fades Away are back with the follow up to Perceptions and this time bring more of a straightforward alternative/hard rock approach to the tracks on the Resurrection pt. 1 ep.

Resurrection Part I opens up with a song that really confuses me.  In one sense, the opening guitar riffs remind me a bit of older Blindside and Spoken but then Dave Erickson’s vocals come in and I can’t help but hear a young Geddy Lee (Rush), which one should be able to see is a bit confusing.  The song itself alternates between the softer verse sections with primarily just drums and vocals to the louder bridge and chorus sections with loud guitars and ragged screaming added in for emphasis.  As to where this fits musically, I stick by my Blindside and Spoken comparison, so that heavier alternative with some catchy melodies and some occasional screaming.

“The Game” seems as if it will stick to the same formula and in one sense it does in terms of style but the guitars stay with the song throughout with some nice layered leads incorporated over a driving, riff and pummeling drums.  Production quality is excellent, vocals are clear, while guitars and drums are loud, nothing is lost.  I can hear everything from bands like Pillar to guitar parts that remind me of Blue Oyster Cult, so yes, it is an interesting mix. Continue reading »

Apr 252016

Mayfly_Line-That-Separates_Single-CoverMayfly‘s new single, ‘The Line The Separates,’ in now available for streaming and purchase online via Voluminous Records. Check out the official lyric video below. The single is also currently available on select radio stations. Please request it on your local rock station today.

The music for this song was originally composed by John Carnahan, former guitarist for The Machine and Staple. It was produced and engineered by Justin Aufdemkampe, guitarist for Miss May I, at Refraze Recording Studio in Dayton, OH. Justin Moore mixed and mastered the song at The Darkroom in Piqua, OH. This song is a story of romance, choices, consequences, regret, guilt and ultimately forgiveness. Continue reading »

Mar 172016

Mayfly_Line-That-Separates_Single-CoverMayfly is back at it! The band shows a slight shift in direction with a sizzling new track entitled ‘The Line That Separates.’ The single was submitted today for adds at radio stations across the country. Shawn Browning from Gorilla Media is handling the radio promotion duties.

Few bands these days can adequately encapsulate their surroundings into their sound. But Ohio’s Mayfly manages to successfully navigate these waters. Leaping forth from the very depths of the Midwest, this dynamic group of musicians wages war on the listener with a fast-past and eclectic blend of melodic hard rock and hard-hitting metalcore. Mayfly draws from a variety of influences — from Deftones to Underoath, and As Cities Burn to Dead Poetic—to create a fresh, forward and engaging breed of Hard rock/metal the likes of which the listener has likely never heard. The band pays homage to the past while maintaining a fresh, forward-thinking approach to songwriting. Continue reading »

Jul 182015

fades away logoVeteran Alternative Metal band Fades Away has released its first new music in over two years. The single, entitled ‘The Rose,’ is available through major digital retail outlets including iTunes, AmazonMP3, Google Play and others. ‘The Rose’ is currently being promoted to Christian Rock radio through Gorilla Media. A full, national campaign will begin in August. ‘The Rose’ can be streamed in the video below.

“I pricked my finger on the rose. Held up my hand to see the hole and watched the poison slowly take control.” The lyrics from vocalist / lyricist Dave Erickson explore the human propensity to gravitate toward things which are harmful, as well as the struggle to stay on the right path.

Fades Away has always confronted the serious issues of life that affect us all, but Dave always offers hope to the listener as he points to the light in the midst of darkness: “How did I fall so far from your warm embrace? I let the virus take my place. If there’s a thread of me left inside my veins, oh God, don’t let it be erased.” ‘The Rose’ encourages others to search themselves and seek absolution in order to find their way back to solid ground. Continue reading »

Jun 302015

see the riseUp-and-coming Hardcore band See The Rise releases its new full-length album, “Exposures” today. The album is available through major digital retail outlets including iTunes, AmazonMP3, Google Play and more, as well as physically through online retailers like BestBuy.com, Amazon.com, FYE.com, Big Cartel and others.

The project features ten intense hard rock tracks adorned with the searing vocals of band leader Josh Meyers, the melodic counterpoint vocals and guitar stylings of Brian Elliott, the savage guitar riffs of Jason Law, the rumbling thunder of bassist Andy Davis and the double bass-laden body blows of drummer Kyle Zahorski. Continue reading »