Apr 222018

Ukrainian folk metal band Holy Blood checked in with the following:

Hello friends!, In 2019 Holy Blood will celebrate 20th Anniversary. It’s a good date to share with our fans! If you’re an organizator of festival or can organizate tour – contact us. A lot of festivals are held in same days so please don’t hesitate. Also will be greateful for repost. Thank you, friends!
holyblood@yahoo.com Continue reading »

Feb 112018

Brazilian based metallers Prayer have returnd after six years with a new album, which carries the title “Alpha” it is released through Vision Of God Records. The album can be streamed in its entirety below

The band started in June 1999 in Belo Horazonte, Brazil. The band released a two-song demo in January 2002. The band would continue on, releasing an EP in July 2006, called “Show Me The Way”. Three years later, in September 2009, the band released their debut album titled “Anatomy Of Reality”. In 2011, the band performed their first international tour in Argentina. The band remained silent for the next 6 years, when they signed to a label and released their first lyric video for their song ‘Grace’. Continue reading »

Jun 212017

Vision of God Records has announced the release of brand new live dvd from Brazilian Death/Grind metal band Antidemon which carries the title “Tormenterror” the show is professionally filmed in September 2016 in Santiago, Chile. The dvd will contain bonus features, estimated release July 30th. Check out the video below for a preview of “Tormenterror”.

As previously reported, Vision Of God Records will reissue the albums “Demonicido,” (1999)  “Anillo De Fuego” (2002) and “Satanichaos,” (2009) and as well release a BRAND NEW ALBUM, which is to be recorded soon.

“This is a great achievement for us. Releases and reissue sets are due to start in late May 2017. The reissues will have a renewed layout and bonus tracks. We are asking for support from our friends and brothers for all these actions that Vision Of God Records will be carrying out. These releases might also come in vinyl at some point. Thanks to everyone who have always supported us. This story continues.”. Continue reading »

TIMŌRĀTUS – “Reverentia”

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Jun 182017

David Napier is back, this time not focusing on times of the Black Plague but bringing the listener into a world of metal to “envelop the listener in the warmth and closeness of worship with God.

My first experience with TIMŌRĀTUS (full of reverence toward God, devout) was reviewing the ep’s Black and Death, which tell the story of Kafla Selaro in his battle for faith and life in the Dark Ages during the time of Black Plague.  Now that the tale of Kafla is long past, David had the idea to put out an album that might give the listener the feeling of worship.  David once again handled the instrumentation but this time brought on some additional vocalists, some of whom provide clean vocals for “In Christ Alone” and “Amazing Grace”.

First thing I noticed about the album was the overall length, with seven songs clocking in at over 50 minutes long.  The album itself can be almost divided into three sections.  The first section with “Weight of the World” and “Mere Symbols” could be described as ambient or atmospheric black/death metal, with perhaps some doom elements thrown in.  In “Weight of the World”, you have the music greatly overwhelming the death metal growled vocals in the mix, which makes it a challenge, while in “Mere Symbols” the overall tone of the guitars is a bit darker but the vocals more pronounced.  In both cases, the songs move slowly, in a crushing manner under a wall of sound. Continue reading »

May 272017

Timōrātus have signed with Christian Metal Underground Records a sub-label of Vision of God Records for the physical release of “Reverentia.” The album was self-released digitally on March 29, the physical CD will be released on June 10th. You can pre-order your copy of “Reverentia”now.

The label comments “Unbelievably deep doom/drone worship metal! These are soundscapes of praise! This band has signed on with our ministry. And we were glad to get them aboard the family!”

“Reverentia” is a worship album that takes a different approach by adding rich, deep guitar drones and doom metal undertones to envelope the listener in the warmth and closeness of worship with God. Continue reading »