Feb 022020

The EP “Decapitated”, which is released in 2019, introduced us a to new Azorrague. New elements in their known thrash/death metal, as well the first studio recordings with Allan Pavani (guitars) who joined the power trio formed by Fernando Frogel (voice/bass), Roney Lopes (guitars) and Macarrão (drums). And, still spreading the EP, they released on January 30th the video clip for the song ‘Violently’.

With the four members of the band, Mariana Reis and production by Jean Estevão, the video brings a plot elaborated by the drummer Macarrão (who also wrote the lyrics) where we see that those who speak the truth, even annoing the society, will do it even someone cut the head off to shut them up. They won’t stop speaking their message.

Check out the video clip ‘Violently’ below:

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