Aug 102017

Vivaldi Metal Project is putting together a series of four unplugged shows from October 19 to 22 (central/eastern Europe) with our Duo featuring singer Tsena Stefanova Kercheva and producer/pianist Mistheria.

If you have any suggestions for specific and fitting venues/locations, please let us know ( or messaging us on our Facebook page.

Song-list includes an acoustic medley from Vivaldi Metal Project‘s “The Four Seasons” album. Also, original songs by Mistheria and Tsena are included in the song-list as well as some exclusive arrangements of other bands’ songs such as Nightwish, Within Temptation, Epica, After Forever, Dream Theater and more. Continue reading »

Jul 112014

Orphaned Land band 2013Quality filmed footage of Orphaned Land‘s unplugged performance June 9th. in Utrecht’s Synagogue can  be seen below.

As previously reported Orphaned Land are also about to hit our stages to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their sophisticated concept album “Mabool”. Starting October 30th in France, singer Kobi Farhi is much exited to play all songs of the “Mabool” album to the European crowd. Dates and locations are listed below.

Orphaned Land, the leaders of Middle Eastern metal, recently announced that they will support Blind Guardian as special guest on their Euro Tour 2015. Read more here. Continue reading »

Jun 232012

Saviour Machine will perform the first of [6] consecutive concerts in Europe! These six performances will be the ONLY performances in 2012 and likely, the FINAL “intimate theater concerts” we will be able to give… Immediately following this one week “Theater Tour,” we will begin post production of a comprehensive documentary / concert film, highlighting & showcasing footage from all 7 acoustic performances.

Our performance in Heilbronn, Germany (Sept 10th, 2011) was in many ways, “an experiment in logistics.” ; ) It was such a tremendous success, (artistically and theatrically) we are returning to Europe for what could be considered six [6] “encore performances.” From the inception of this production, (originally announced December 31st, 2011) we’d planned to perform this unique acoustic production a minimum of 7 times… Our “hope/plan” was to perform these dates in The United States, however, we found out very quickly that booking THEATERS in the U.S. is nearly impossible… It’s hard enough to even find them here! ; ) Continue reading »