Monotheist – Unforsaken

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Mar 152013

Monotheist_unforsakenMonotheist is a death/progressive metal band from Orlando, Florida (USA) and they released their album “Unforsaken” in November last year, after signing with Shigionoth Records. Lets check this one out.

Monotheist started in 2004 as a project and evolved into a band. In 2007 the released their album “Unforsaken”, which is now re-released through their new label.

The album consists of 8 songs with a total playing time of over 62 minutes. Not bad! The album kicks off with “Beheading Azazel” and its sounds really brutal. Fast death metal with nice guitars riffs and fast double bass. Accompanied with some nice death grunts, which can be understood well, it’s a well balanced song. “Through Vangrant eyes” takes up more then 11 minutes of your time. Its continues is a very fast paste. Really quick drums. These guys play very well. It has some nice twists which makes it very nice to listen to. “Shroud of the Malefactor” starts calm, until all brutal power is released. And again a song of over 11 minutes! Very nice guitar solo’s altered with death grunts. Continue reading »

Interview With ‘Monotheist’

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Feb 012013

monotheistHailing from Orlando, Florida, Monotheist draws influences from such acts as Death, Extol, Opeth, Suffocation, Emperor and Immolation, E. A melting pot of death, black, thrash, and progressive metal, Monotheist writes complex compositions that extend the boundaries of extreme metal. Furious riffing and ferocious drumming walk hand in hand with progressive stanzas and melodic nuances, painting an aural masterpiece of intensity. Each song has an epic feel and flows effortlessly from one stanza to the next without ever losing the interest of the listener.

In 2012 the band signed with Shigionoth Records, and their album Unforsaken [2007] was re-released last November. About this and more can be read in the following interview with Monotheist.
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