Nov 182016

undawn_2016_bff“Those Three Words I Never Said” is the main theme around the brand new video from Dutch based metallers Undawn, which is taken from their the critically acclaimed release “Justice Is…”. Those three words we often realize too late, they were never said or not said often enough. Three words captured in one single word through this song ‘Forever’.

The video deals with the impact of losing a loved one and how life, all too often taken for granted, takes an unimaginable and irreversible turn. Along to the rhythm of this track, becoming increasingly heavier and more powerful until it reaches its climax with a tempestuous guitar solo, the scenery depicts the storm of emotions and level of devastation while coming to terms with one´s loss and the realization that things will never be as they once were or could have been …. and the words which were never said. Three simple words, often condemned as sounding cheesy or a cliché and possibly not deemed to be a theme for a metal band to address …. until disaster strikes and one realizes how important certain people were in one’s life, how one’s life was bound to that of the other, blaming oneself over and over again for having missed all those opportunities …. wishing for one more opportunity to be able to express these three simple words. Continue reading »

Jun 282016

undawn_2015_d9aOn Saturday June 18th. it was time for Fest. in celebration of the 10th anniversary of The Metal Resource, the festival took place in Almelo (NL) at Naxt Stage, the city where it all began 10 years ago.

Performing bands were: Pantokrator (SE), My Silent Wake (UK), The Royal (NL), La-Ventura (NL), Undawn (NL), The Memory Remains (NL) and Empire of the Wolves (NL). In the video below you can see fan-filmed footage of their performance at Festival.

Undawn‘s latest album “Justice Is..” has been released on Dec. 11th. through Graviton Music Services Continue reading »

Undawn – “Justice Is..”

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Dec 292015

12373347_1140246632682034_3536396225363179858_n_9adUndawn is a melodic metalcore-band from the Netherlands, metalcore with a message as they describe it themselves. They are around for quite some time now, their first EP was released already in 2007, the same year that Tom an Michiel founded the band. Two years later they won the Dutch edition of Metal Battle and in 2011 the band released its first debut album ‘Jumpers’. Aardschok Magazine called it: “The best metalcore album coming from the Netherlands so far”.

The song ‘Glacier of Tears’ made it to ‘Best Metal’ on the 22Tracks website.

Undawn has played over 130 shows in- and outside the Netherlands. They also supported big names like Textures and Soulfly.

Now the band is back with a whole new album with a complete musical concept about the way things should be and the way they are not: Melodic metalcore with a message. “Justice is..” balances the listener between the anger and frustration when life isn’t treating us just and the things life offers one should appreciate and be greatful for. Continue reading »