Jul 302020

Covid-19 goes into the history books. That is something that is certain. With the total disruption of life in the Netherlands in mid-March 2020, all events ended (provisionally). All festivals and performances were canceled and it was going to be a bitter summer. At that time, we could sit down or get the idea from a “boost” to organize a stream festival. This is how it was thought, how it started. After months of preparation, it was Saturday, July 25, 2020. That day, the metal event of 2020 took place with ten bands that would perform a real live performance especially for the METAL-AID festival. Which was an initiative by Rockportaal Five had pre-recorded their set and five bands gave their presence in Baroeg Rotterdam, which hosted the festival for the occasion. You can read the entire report here.

Here is Undawn‘s live stream for Metal Aid Festival. The band says: Our very first one performed, and recorded from our rehearsal room. We’re speaking Dutch in between the songs. We hope you enjoy it anyway! Have fun with this one.

You can watch Undawn‘s 50-minute show below.

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Undawn – “Solidarity” (Ep)

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Jan 122020


Netherland based Melodic Metalcore band Undawn last year on 16th of November pelted out a jaw dropping EP, “Solidarity”. The band which is based out of Dedemsvaart, Overijssel, Netherlands, had the chance to open up for major bands like Soulfly and Textures, in the past. The band describes the EP as “SOLIDARITY breaks through your negative patterns. In an era in which our ego and individualism prevail, we demand the maximum from ourselves. Solidarity is about, burden that you can experience with eternal doubts about decisions, living in your comfort zone and being stuck in the past. Sometimes you don’t even realize it, but it hinders your further development.”

The EP contains 5 tracks all under 5 minute. Melodic Metalcore as a genre much identifiable with its knee jerk hooks, off time signatures and a plethora of polymorphic rhythms, has always had a defined pattern. What becomes important here is to stay in the genre, yet have enough experimental appetite during the songwriting process to make it stand out. So without further ado let’s jump to it.  

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Nov 102019

‘Implode,’ the new music video from melodic metalcore band Undawn can be watched below. The track appears on their upcoming EP “Solidarity” which will be released on Nov. 16th. About the song the band says the following:

Implode is about the pressure that society puts on one man’s life. From the outside everything seems to be allright, but you can’t see what’s happening inside. It helps to speak out your thoughts:

“you can’t heal what you never reveal”. Our message with this song is to open up!

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Nov 032019

Melodic metalcore band Undawn recently announced the release of “Solidarity” EP which will be released on Nov. 16th. Before the release-date Undawn will release a music video for the track ‘Implode’

How do you keep yourself happy and resilient in a world full of (apparent) perfection?

SOLIDARITY; break through your negative patterns, In an era in which our ego and individualism prevail, we demand the maximum from ourselves. We want to grow, achieve goals and get the most out of our lives. We work harder, set the bar higher than ever and we compare ourselves with the greatest.

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Jul 232017

Undawn & The Memory Remains performed both on our 10th anniversary festival last year June, now they are confirmed to play on the 10th edition of the Brainstorm Festival this November in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands.

Other performing bands will be: Living Sacrifice (Metal from the USA), Xandria (Symphonic Metal from Germany), Project 86 (Heavy rock from USA), Sea + Air (Ghost Pop from D/GR). Dark Sarah (Gothic Metal from FIN), Death Therapy (Industrial groove metal from the USA), Wind Rose (Dwarven Metal from ITA), Sleeping Romance (Symphonic Metal from ITA) – more bands tba. Continue reading »