Sep 182018

The first three albums from the Greek melodic metallers Innerwish will be reissued on November 23rd via Ulterium Records. “Waiting For The Dawn”, “Silent Faces” and “Inner Strength” will be reissued on CD, digital and for the first time on vinyl. The vinyl editions are limited to 300 copies.

The re-issues were remastered by Peter In de Betou and the booklet includes liner notes by Thimios Krikos.

InnerWish comments on the re-issues:
“This is something that we wanted to do for a quite a long time actually! Some of these albums are really difficult to be found and we often had requests from our fans who wanted to have them in their collection. And besides that, we also wanted them to be released on vinyl for the first time, since they had only been released as CDs and we are vinyl fans ourselves. After talking with our label, Ulterium Records, both sides felt that now was the time for doing so. Why now? Because now we feel confident with our label, we feel stronger than ever and we also think that it’s a good timing since we are in the creative process for our new album and this can nicely fill the gap between the ‘InnerWish’ album and our new one. We didn’t want to remix the albums, since we wanted them to have the original feeling, but we decided to remaster them in order to have a better sound quality and ‘refresh’ lets say their sound. Continue reading »

May 032018

Power metal band Millennial Reign is back with a new lineup for their third album continuing in vein of previous work.

Dallas Texas-based Millennial Reign traces its roots back to a solo project by founding member and guitarist Dave Harvey.  Writing began in 2010 and over the next couple of years, Dave added a full band and released the self-titled debut in 2012.  In 2015, the band released Carry the Fire on Ulterium Records and then toured with the likes of Stryper, Sonata Arctica, Leaves Eyes, Theocracy, Hammerfall, and Joe Lynn Turner.  For The Great Divide, Harvey added new members Travis Wills (vocals), Steve Nichols (drums), and Neil Bertrand (bass) and had performances recorded, mixed, and mastered by Ty Sims. As they did following their last release, Millennial Reign is scheduled to support Stryper and Hammerfall in June and then will play Mexico for the first time.

As you might expect from a power metal band, the opening track is merely an instrumental to set the tone for the album and while I usually don’t like them, this one featuring a fast, frenetic drum line backing a orchestral section sets up the anticipation very well.  “Break the Tide” starts out with a nice riff accented by keyboards before settling into a choppier section for the initial verse sections and sounding very much like older Queensryche both musically and vocally.  Travis Mills vocals are made for power metal and shows good range and overall tone.  Guitars are prominent in the mix and the keyboards nicely layered in while the rhythm section is also very clear in the mix as one would expect for power metal.  At this point, on first listen, I was pretty sure this was a European band, forgetting that I’ve reviewed some of their earlier releases, so seeing the Dallas, Texas part was a bit of a surprise.  One can easily see why Millennial Reign has supported the bands they have on tour. Continue reading »

Mar 232018

The US power metal band Millennial Reign will release their new album “The Great Divide” on May 25th in Europe and North America through Ulterium Records. The album will be available on CD, LP and digital. The LP edition is strictly limited to 300 copies worldwide.

The album features new members Travis Wills [vocals], Steve Nichols [drums] and Neil Bertrand [bass] together with founding member Dave Harvey [guitars].“The Great Divide” is the follow-up to “Carry The Fire”, the label debut for the Swedish label Ulterium Records. Since the release of “Carry The Fire” the band toured with Stryper on their “To Hell With The Devil 30th anniversary tour” as well as supported bands like Sonata Arctica, Leaves’ Eyes, Theocracy, Omnium Gatherum, Hammerfall and Joe Lynn Turner. Continue reading »

Oct 112017

Within Silence return with their sophomore album Return from the Shadows, an effort that will not disappoint fans of their debut Gallery of Life and is sure to bring in new fans to their ranks.

Without looking it up, my first thought was that Within Silence was likely a Swedish band given the strength of the performances and overall style but after looking around, it appears they are actually from Kosice, Slovakia.  Their first album in 2015 was released on Ulterium records and Gallery of Life was strong enough to get them slots in festivals across Europe and as support for Theocracy. For Return from the Shadows, the band had used some well known talent to the power metal scene with Roland Grapow (Masterplan, Helloween) for mixing and mastering and artwork from Jan Yrlund (Delain, Apocalyptica, Korpiklaani).

Sometimes the opening song can not only make or break an album but also allows the listener to know whether or not the rest of the album will be worthy of a listen.  Such is the case with Return from the Shadows.  “We are the Ones” just explodes into a driving rhythm with some good layered guitar over the top and quickly gets into the verse section showcasing Martin Klein’s smooth, somewhat dark vocals.  Fast, European power metal with a driving low end, cool riffs and vocals that alternate from quieter to soaring, channeling aspects of Bruce Dickinson at times.  Add in some guitar solos that fit well within the structure of the song and the album is off to a great start.  At this point, it is very clear this album was very well done both in production and performances and songwriting…and that’s after the first song. Continue reading »

Aug 232017

The melodic metal band Within Silence will release their new album “Return From The Shadows” on October 27th in Europe and North America through Ulterium Records.

“Return From The Shadows” is a perfect follow-up to the debut album “Gallery of Life” and feels like a more mature and focused album. The impressive song-writing and melodies are still there, and together with heavy riffs, symphonic arrangements and epic parts the result is a really strong album!

The album was mixed and mastered by Roland Grapow [Masterplan, ex. Helloween] and the artwork was created by Jan Yrlund [Delain, Apocalyptica, Korpiklaani]. “Return From The Shadows” is a perfect album for fans of bands like Theocracy, Sonata Arctica and Stratovarius! Continue reading »