Feb 012018

Vivaldi Metal Project‘s NEW EP “The Extended Versions” was just released on January 19th by Pride & Joy Music. Thanks a lot to those who ordered it and for the wonderful feedback we keep receiving!

Here’s the EP’s VIDEO SINGLE ‘The Four Seasons – Unplugged Medley’ live recorded at “Kitee International Music and Art Festival” (Finland) on July 13, 2017 featuring Tsena Stefanova on vocals and Mistheria on piano. The video can be seen below.

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Aug 102017

Vivaldi Metal Project is putting together a series of four unplugged shows from October 19 to 22 (central/eastern Europe) with our Duo featuring singer Tsena Stefanova Kercheva and producer/pianist Mistheria.

If you have any suggestions for specific and fitting venues/locations, please let us know (info@vivaldimetalproject.com) or messaging us on our Facebook page.

Song-list includes an acoustic medley from Vivaldi Metal Project‘s “The Four Seasons” album. Also, original songs by Mistheria and Tsena are included in the song-list as well as some exclusive arrangements of other bands’ songs such as Nightwish, Within Temptation, Epica, After Forever, Dream Theater and more. Continue reading »