Apr 092015

Malchus 2014Polish based progressive melodic metal band Malchus have released a video for the song ‘Tripudium’ (Dancing). The song comes of their album “Dom Zły” (The Evil House), which is released on Dec. 15th. of last year. The video was shot at Elements of Rock (Switzerland) earlier last month. The video with English lyrics can be seen below.

The new album of Malchus is full of powerful sounds with no less powerful lyrics. ‘I tried to reflect that heavy sound and band’s message graphically. Due to Radosław‘s suggestion the foreground figure on the cover is a XVI-th century physician dressed up in a protective gown worn during the times of plague, also known as ‘black death’. The theme of long-forgotten epidemics had been repeatedly used by metal musicians through lyrics or graphics. As for Malchus, we have decided to use this theme as a metaphore for modern times, modern world. Continue reading »