Feb 282017

It’s been a while (Jan. 2015) since we heard something from Pennsylvania-based technical thrash metal veterans Believer. They have checked in with the following announcement:

A Unique Taste Experience

A unique collaboration celebrating the 30th anniversaries of Pennsylvania’s Stoudts Brewing Company and the band Believer.

This limited release Double Bock Beer, aged in port and red wine barrels, blends coffee & dark chocolate malt flavors with hints of caramel and dark fruits for a taste experience that exemplifies the art of brewing beer and making music. Continue reading »

Jun 202014
believer-thrashIt’s been a while since we heard something from Pennsylvania-based technical thrash metal veterans Believer. Below you can read a message from Keyboardist/Bass Player Jeff King:

The last couple years have been difficult for Believer. Since early 2013 we’ve probably met together as a band in the hospital as much as anywhere else.I suffered from a very aggressive case of ulcerative colitis, an autoimmune disease that attacks the the large intestines. It didn’t respond well to drug therapies, including the heavy-duty chemo-type drugs.At its worst I was having diarrhea over 30 times a day with accidents everywhere — at home, at my studio, in the car. I was severely fatigued, malnourished and dehydrated, suffered from a lot of pain, and required frequent hospitalization.In the end I had to have two major surgeries to remove my entire lower GI tract. Ulcerative colitis and the closely related Crohn’s Disease are severely debilitating illnesses and I feel fortunate to be alive. Continue reading »

Believer – “Transhuman”

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Dec 072011

Re-activated metallers release conceptual album

Believer were originally known for their brand of technical thrash metal and released ‘Extraction From Mortality’ (1989), ‘Sanity Obscure’ (1990) and ‘Dimensions’ (1993). The main styles included raw guitar, brutal distortion, time changes and virtuoso riffs with raspy, screeching vocals. The two main band members are Kurt Bachman (vocals & guitar) and Joey Daub (drums).

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