Oct 122015

RED_.2015As previously reported, Grammy nominated rock band RED launched a crowdfunding campaign last August to repair their tour bus. A new update follows below

‘REDNATION! We called and you guys answered. You all have helped us raise over 18k and we are currently about $1,5000 from reaching our needs to fix our ride. Thank you for all the support both financially and through prayers and encouragement. Please share this with anyone you think could help so we can get back on the road safe and sound and rock with you all!’

‘As many of you may know, we have created a collectible full-length graphic novel inspired by our music and videos from of Beauty and Rage. The Ever,” is a 62-pages of a journey to discovery, interernal termoil, and revelations. We are excited to also announce that the first 500 copies are signed by the band. You can get yours now (click here)!’ Continue reading »

Aug 202015

RED_.2015Grammy® nominated rock band Red reported the following:

‘You’ve been so amazing to us with your support, encouragement, prayer and stories! Over the past 9 years we have traveled all around the world bringing a message of hope and encouragement through music and we could not have done it without you! Thank you!’

‘Now we are asking for your support once again . We’ve logged nearly a million miles (763,000) on our bus over the past 5 years and being the machine that it is, it does break down on us from time to time and repairs are very expensive. One thing we hate the most is having to cancel shows due to breakdowns. Right now we have several issues that are going to become serious problems if we do not address them. Most of the problems are mechanical and there are a few cosmetic ones as well. We take pride in our ride and we want it to last us another 10 years. Would you please consider donating to help us get her fixed up and ready to roll?’ Continue reading »