Back Pocket Prophet – “To Overcome”

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Dec 212018

English thrash/metal band Back Pocket Prophet are back from an extended hiatus releasing To Overcome as a follow up to 2011’s 1:4.

Back Pocket Prophet (BPP to fans) hail from Oxfordshire, UK and trace their roots back to 2007.  Following the Dead Men Walking ep, the band released their first full length in 2011, 1:4, and followed that up with tours throughout the UK, Switzerland and Germany.  As many bands endure, BPP has faced numerous challenges through lineup changes and are coming off an extended hiatus to release To Overcome.

To Overcome is like taking a step back in time. From the somewhat muddled opening riffs of “I’m Still Here”, it sounds to me as if the album was recorded more along the lines of a demo and quite a while ago.  The sound just feels old, hard to explain.  Dan Random’s vocals are mixed a bit loud overall in the mix and from lyrical content to delivery, this album has that dated feel to it.  Reminds me of  some of the lesser-known bands on the classic Tooth & Nail samplers Helpless Amongst Friends. Continue reading »

Oct 222018

It’s been a long time coming, not quite Guns n Roses long but not far off, the new Back Pocket Prophet album “…To Overcome” is released globally on digital download October 12th 2018. The album features 7 studio tracks, recorded in both Switzerland and the UK. With backing vocals from some of the bands long time friends from Switzerland and featuring guest vocals on ‘Never Alone’ from the UK’s own Kay Fairclough.

There is also a limited physical Digipack release via a few independent online retailers including The Metal Onslaught and through the Bands own online store.

With the relaunch of the band it’s about time to also relaunch the website. Things have moved on a little in the last 10 years and as old school as I am it’s time to embrace a modern look and feel.

‘Renewed Heart’, the first single was released in may, check out the video below.

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May 112018

UK Christian Thrash band Back Pocket Prophet (BPP) have just released their first ever music video, called ‘Renewed Heart’. It’s the lead single from the upcoming second album “…To Overcome”. When the album will be released is yet unknown, but we will keep you posted. The video can be watched below.

Back Pocket Prophet is a Thrash/Heavy Metal band from Oxford in the United Kingdom. Formed in 2007, BPP have played extensively in the UK and Europe from pubs to festivals with no gig too small or big. Despite several line up changes over the years BPP has constantly delivered in every venue they play and 2011 saw the release of their debut album “1:4”. This self-release has sold well in the UK, Germany and Switzerland; all of where the band has a strong following. Continue reading »