Mar 012019

Former Stryper bassist Tim Gaines is working on his autobiography. In the book, which does not currently have a tentative release date, Gaines will write about his experience with chronic lyme disease, with which he was diagnosed more than a decade ago.

He says: “I was infected by a tick in 2008. Ten days into the infection, I was sent to the ER, being told by an urgent care doctor that I was having a heart attack. In the months that followed, one of the first indications that something was desperately wrong with my system was I started having fatigue and night sweats. As the fatigue came and went, I experienced unusual body sweats while playing on stage. I would become embarrassingly ‘soaked’ in sweat after only a few songs.” Continue reading »

Oct 252017

In a brand new interview with music writer Joel Gausten, Michael Sweet addressed Tim Gaines‘s departure from Stryper and revealed plans for a new documentary which will cover the band’s entire career.

Sweet says that “Prior to the band parting ways with Tim Gaines, things were going terrible. It was a nightmare, to be honest.”

The musician’s exit from Stryper has been rumored for months, ever since guitarist Oz Fox revealed that Tim was going through a divorce, forcing the group to take a hiatus and possibly consider a future without the bassist. Continue reading »

Sep 022017

The remaining members of Stryper, Michael Sweet (guitar, vocals), Oz Fox (guitar) and Robert Sweet (drums) just released the following joint statement:

Dear fans and friends,

We wish Timothy Gaines nothing but the best, and we will always remember the history and the good times that we all shared together. We have done our best to remain courteous and professional despite the barrage of disrespectful comments, posts and tweets that have been made public time and time again by Tim and Brandee on what seems to be a daily basis.

The accusations that have been made that our decision to terminate Tim is based on his divorce couldn’t be further from the truth. We have all struggled with separation and divorce in our relationships over the years, and it has never affected anyone’s position within the band. Continue reading »

Aug 312017
Tim Gaines has confirmed that he is no longer a member of Stryper.

The musician’s exit from the band has been rumored for months, ever since Stryper guitarist Oz Fox revealed that Tim was going through a divorce, forcing the group to take a hiatus and possibly consider a future without the bassist.

In a brand new interview with KNAC.COMGaines spoke about his current status with Stryper for the first time, admitting that he was no longer involved with the openly Christian band that he played with for more than two decades.”The Stryper thing is a touchy subject right now,” Gaines said. “I can’t really elaborate on too much of it. You would probably be the first person that I would say to that I am officially no longer a member of the band. It’s been out there for about a year now that things have been going sour. It hasn’t been officially said by either myself or the band, but, yeah, I’m no longer working with them.”

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Jun 122017

Brandee Gaines, the new wife of Stryper bassist Timothy Gaines, has indicated via Facebook that her new husband will not be playing on Stryper‘s upcoming new studio album.

Whether Tim Gaines would be a part of Stryper‘s upcoming studio album has been up in the air for some time and even publicly back to December 2016 when Stryper frontman Michael Sweet revealed in an interview with Nick from WSOU about the possibility of doing the album without Gaines, “Well, I mean, it remains to be seen but it’s very possible. I’d go as far as to say even probable. But we don’t really know quite yet. It’s something that very well could happen. Absolutely.” The next day, Gaines advised via Twitter that he was not leaving Stryper.

Brandee Gaines also took aim at some of the comments from outsiders reporting that her new husband has played on only a few albums and songs on past Stryper albums. Brandee Gaines advised that Gaines has played on most Stryper songs. Continue reading »