Apr 182020

To fight the shelter-in-place blues, A Broken Line today releases their “Rat Beach (Live)“, a 15 song blitzkrieg live recording of their “Rat Beach” record release show.  Featuring 12 songs from Rat Beach, one cover, and two songs from their self-titled release, this album displays the band’s usual sweaty, positive-energy, bromantic live experience.  Frantic, Long Beach styled jazz infused punk rock geared to both melt faces and ignite foot stomping.  Don’t wait, catch the band now through all major commercial retailers.

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Mar 242020

American Straight Edge band Judgement Day from Orange County, California, announces the release of their second release “The Sun. The Darkness.” EP, a free download released jointly by Thumper Punk Records and Made In USA Records. This release juxtaposes lightness and energy of the Sun competing against the brutally heavy metal sounds of the Darkness. Sludgy, rhythmic and complex, but ultimately uplifting.

Recorded and mixed by Taylor Young at The Pit Studios, Van Nuys, California. Mastered by Audiosiege, Portland, Oregon.

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A Broken Line – “Rat Beach”

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Feb 282020

Long Beach punk natives A Broken Line have released their sophomore album, Rat Beach, a collection of raw, infectious tracks that fit right in with what their predecessors were producing.

Southern California has certainly produced a lot of punk bands over the years and from that backdrop is where A Broken Line emerged.  Before we get too far into this, A Broken Line is not your typical straight ahead SoCal punk or hardcore band, as they bring elements in from ska and bit of a heavy garage/alternative sound as well. From the driving opening track “Placebo”  to the slower, heavier, almost like Sublime track “Garage Door” to the feedback-drenched and bass-highlighting “Ticking Away” with its drum/atmospheric interlude to even more feedback and driving rhythms in “Disconnect” to the Five Iron Frenzy like parts in “Pier”, the first five tracks cover a lot of ground and consistently present a loud, brash punk rock attitude.

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No Lost Cause – P.S. (ep)

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Jan 202020

No Lost Cause is back with P.S., their third ep filled with their blend of pop-punk and ska.

A few years ago, No Lost Cause was based in New Jersey, but as things change, so do band locations and now the band calls Florida home.  The goal of the band is to take their blend of punk and ska and use it to speak of trust in God, providing hope and encouragement in hard times.  For this ep, the band has enlisted both Indie Vision Music and Thumper Punk Records for the support.

To be honest, I really like how the songs like “Slow It Down” start, as its pure, fast, driving punk rock, but then the ska part comes in and all momentum gets lost and suddenly the song just sounds dated, like it should be something from back in the late 90’s when the Supertones, and FIF were hot.  All that being said, the vocals are clear and fit well with the music, guitars and drums dominate the sound, but the bass doesn’t get lost in the mix, which is a good thing.  At over four minutes long, I do think the song carried on a bit longer than needed, but then that was likely a function of the ska breaks.  I will say that if there were horns, I might not have minded the ska parts as much but without them, the overall sound doesn’t work for me.

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Jan 082020

Thumper Punk Records is thrilled to announce the second full length release from Long Beach music scene veterans A Broken Line. Building on their self-titled release, “Rat Beach” further demonstrates their advanced musical chops layered over a solid punk rock core.

The band’s sound blends punk, pop punk and ska, as only a band from Long Beach can. Get ready for high energy, friendship, respect and positive energy.

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