Mar 212017

Thumper Punk Records is stoked to announce the release of Brock Diamond’s contribution to the 3 Song Acoustic EP series. Currently the singer and guitar player for punk n’ roll band The Berzerkers, Brock is a long-time fixture in the Orange County, California music scene (Simplex, Fear God, Evasive Action). His warm and bluesy voice is the perfect starting point for an acoustic release, where he is backed by Kat Ferguson (vocals) and Kent Z (electric guitar) with a special guest appearance by his daughter Gracie Diamond on ‘Fly Away’. These songs demonstrate expert musicianship, vocal quality and a creativity level that extends beyond the limits of punk’s boundaries. Brock’s impromptu solo crooning of ‘Baby You’re Mine’ live over social media sparked the idea for the 3 Song Acoustic series, and we are honored to shine a light on his unique talents. Continue reading »

Pleading Guilty – “Defacto”

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Mar 092017

Over the years, Thumper Punk Records has brought out a good bit of California-esque skate punk bands and their latest find is Pleading Guilty, perhaps ironically, not from California but Colorado.

Anyone familiar with Thumper Punk Records roster will certainly recognize their emphasis on melodic punk rock with a Christian message brought out by bands like False Idle, True Liberty, Metanoia, A Common Goal, Heart Like War, and the list goes on and on.  Many of those bands do have that Southern California punk rock vibe to their sound  that includes bands like NOFX, Dogwood, Craig’s Brother, Pennywise, and so many others even though most of the aforementioned bands are not at all from Southern California.  Pleading Guilty fits in that same grouping as they have the sound but actually hail from the Denver/Aurora, Colorado area.  The four-piece would fit right in on a bill with any of the bands mentioned previously. Continue reading »

Feb 182017

Thumper Punk Records is pleased to announce the release of “Kill The Ill” a Benefit Compilation for Shawn Browning. This compilation features songs donated by 80 bands to raise money for medical expenses for the owner of Rottweiler Records and lead singer for the band Grave Robber. Shawn has only asked for prayers, but this fundraiser reflects an outpouring of love and support for a person who has done so much to support the Christian hard music scenes. Coming together in less than two weeks, all proceeds from the release of this multi-genre, multi-language release go directly to Shawn for medical expenses. $10 (or more at your discretion) for 80 tracks with more than 4 hours of music plus a special guest appearance by Pastor Bob Beeman. This release is available exclusively through Bandcamp. Continue reading »

Feb 152017

Thumper Punk Records is stoked to announce the release of “Defacto”, the debut release from melodic skate punk band Pleading Guilty. “Defacto” features eleven high energy songs with sing-along harmonies and uplifting lyrics, played with incredible technical musicianship and speed. Grinding bottom turns, big air and musical chaos. Continue reading »

Sef Idle – “3 Song Acoustic Series”

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Feb 122017

A little over two years ago, Sef Idle released the acclaimed Start Again acoustic album and now as part of the Thumper Punk Records 3 Song acoustic series, Sef Idle is back with three new acoustic tracks.

Straight from Boise, Idaho, Sef Idle’s career in music goes back at least 20 years or so and those familiar at all with his efforts will certainly recognize the bands Unisef and False Idle.  Combining a sense of melody along with the biting attitude inherent in punk rock with solid musicianship and catchy sing along parts, these bands managed to gather a devoted following.  During a break from the band False Idle, Sef found some time to put together some solo songs and that project ended up as the previously mentioned Start Again.  The 3 Song Acoustic  series from Thumper Punk Records features a monthly release from artists involved with the JCHC scene, who will each record and release three new acoustic songs and Sef happens to be one to kick off the series. Continue reading »