Sep 272021

Visions Press and Thumper Punk Records are honored to jointly announce the self-titled debut EP from art-house punk duo Durer.   Furiously exasperated at the unwarranted sense of entitlement in the music scene, in politics, and with lack of appreciation for the arts, Durer rails against vanity, violence and macho nonsense. Durer attracts through poetry and symbolism, and stings with searing guitars and emotional vocals. Durer challenges and rewards the listener during this shockingly loud and eerily silent musical journey.

Durer’s self-titled EP is available from VisionsPress and Thumper Punk Records, and all major digital retailers.

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Sep 112021

Thumper Punk Records and mPulse Entertainment are pleased to jointly announce the release of “Mercy Between Love & Hate”, the sixth release from hardcore band Living Fire.  The new music features a heavier, more passionate metal sound with hardcore and nu-metal influences.  Six songs strong, filled with both grime and glory.  Living Fire continues to shine the light of Faith and Hope on the world’s darkest corners.

“Mercy Between Love & Hate” is available for streaming and immediate download at all the usual commercial retailers. 

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No Lost Cause – “Take 2”

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Aug 112021

No Lost Cause are back with new versions of older material but now featuring a full horn section to give you those 1990’s ska/punk vibes you may have been missing.

No Lost Cause is a Florida band by way of New Jersey and their goal is use their blend of punk and ska to speak about trust in God, providing hope and encouragement. I have previously reviewed some older versions of these songs minus the full horn sections and from what I can tell, my overall opinion hasn’t changed much. For this album, the band brought in Sef Idle for mixing and mastering at his Simpul Studios, and the result is a great blend of the different instruments and vocals. The horns stand out when they should and provide some texture in the background when needed.

Much like my first take on these tracks, I would prefer them to stay to the driving punk rock and avoid the ska altogether as that ends up sounding a bit dated and a bit derivative of older Supertones, Five Iron Frenzy, and Insyderz at least to me. Overall, if this was back in the day with the likes of the Supertones etal, it would not sound dated and would have been a great addition.

On PS, I noted at least one of the tracks seemed to borrow a Trapt riff fairly extensively and on Take 2 the borrowing continues and fans of the aforementioned bands FIF and Supertones, will recognize a good bit of the music. I will say that “No Weapon” does stand out to me as one of the stronger tracks on the album but it is basically straight ahead hardcore punk with shouted vocals and a chorus and dance perfectly made for pile-ons.

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Jul 092021

Thumper Punk Records is thrilled to announce the release of No Lost Cause’s full length “Take 2” record, comprised of new and re-mixed songs from the band’s catalog now featuring a full horn section. High energy, spiritually driven ska punk to move your feet and uplift your soul. No Lost Cause continues their musical march with the goal to share the source of their hope, letting the listener know that nothing can separate them from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus.

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Jul 032021

The amazing 90s punk rock band Too Bad Eugene (TBE) is in the process of recording a new full-length album, and is fundraising to support album costs. TBE’s founder Adam Nigh was an early member of Craig’s Brother, who wrote and sang the incredible song ‘My Annie’ on the Craig’s Brother album Homecoming, inspired by his feelings for his then girlfriend and now wife.

Thumper Punk Records is releasing a “pay what you want” fundraiser compilation featuring old and new covers with all proceeds going to TBE to assist with their recording costs. Be sure to support TBE when downloading the album which is exclusively available from the Thumper Punk Records bandcamp site.

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