Feb 082018

Punk rock band Peter118 recently signed with Raven Faith Records.

Peter118 are about to release a Live album through Raven Faith Records which was scheduled for Thumper Punk Records mid/late in 2017 in August.

Not only are Raven Faith Records financing and releasing the full Live album, but they are also releasing all the existing E.P’s on one pressing. Continue reading »

‘Thumper Punk Records’ Announces Hiatus

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Feb 072018

Thumper Punk Records founder David Coleman recently checked in with the following sad announcement:

When TPR first started, I felt called to serve in a music Ministry. I now feel called to do other things. It’s just that simple. No drama or crisis of faith. My season with TPR is ending, so TPR will be going on hiatus. The remaining release schedule includes the benefit compilation for Christian Alliance for Orphans, three more releases in the 3 Song Acoustic series (plus one related unannounced benefit project), and one Discography style release from a historically important JCHC band. The TPR webstore now is having a huge sale on remaining CDs. I’ll still be at California based JCHC shows, and supporting our scene. I look forward to future releases from my brothers at Indie Vision Music, Raven Faith Records, Rottweiler Records, ZAP Records, Cristo Suburbano, Resurrected Vinyl, SkyBurnsBlack Records, In Presence Records, Veritas Vinyl, Love Your Enemies Records, and someday perhaps again TPR. Thank you to all who have supported this humble Ministry. Continue reading »

Jan 172018

Thumper Punk Records is stoked to announce the addition of Houston, Texas, based punk band The Prettybads to its evolving line-up. The Prettybads start from a base of Ramones-esque three chord punk, then layer on top their own unique sci-fi, doowop, surf, horror, and bubble gum pop influences. Fans of Blaster The Rocketman will love The Prettybads.

The band is currently preparing to record their full-length debut album for release in the summer of 2018. Their current demo of ‘Maybe I’m Not The One You Wanted’ is available for streaming and free download hosted by IndieVisionMusic, go here: Continue reading »

Dec 292017

Thumper Punk Records pleased to announce the release of Platoon 1107’s album called “Respect Is Due”, featuring cover songs of seven hardcore punk classic tracks. The music is heavy, urgent, and without the frills, with a total track time of just over 8 minutes. Hardcore American patriotic punk paying homage to those who have earned their respect. Continue reading »

Nov 152017

OnTheAttack Records is honored to announce the release of “Amor En Tierra Ajena” (Love In A Foreign Land), the spoken word debut by Carlos Salazar (Kings & Daughters, Before There Was Rosalyn).

Gripping, intense and personal tales from a man who rose up from a broken home in Honduras to conquer some of his life’s greatest challenges. In “Amor En Tierra Ajena,” Salazar shares his heart’s most euphoric moments, while it simultaneously prepares for the inevitable pain and grief of loss. Come share his poetic journey of courage, honesty, rage, and the ongoing endeavor of trying to find your place in this world. Continue reading »