Jul 312016

ThreeWayTieForLast_c60Three hardcore punk bands have come together to release a three-way split ep with five new songs from each band.  Yes, that is 15 songs of blazing fast and furious punk rock on an ep with a 16 minute run time, just like you used to expect.  In the truest of traditions, the proceeds will be donated, this time to Amnesty International.

Thumper Punk and ZAP Records have brought together an international contingent of bands for this split, with The Hoax from California in the US, Praiser from Hamburg Germany, and The Old-Timers from South Africa (and the UK, California).  In true Thumper Punk fashion, Sef Idle at Simpul Studios handled the mastering, adding yet another unrelated location.

Those familiar with the bands here will know what to expect for the most part.  I say that as what I remember of the Hoax is not at all what I was greeted with in their collection of songs.  From their previous releases, I recall a bit more of the melodic punk rock leaning toward the edgy and chaotic, but their songs here are full on energy and fury, reminding me quite a bit of old SSD (SS Decontrol), right down to the old school slower and building intro to “Calloused”. Continue reading »