Jan 312018

Switzerland’s new mystic sound force Cellar Darling, the new band featuring former Eluveitie members Anna Murphy (vocals, hurdy-gurdy), Merlin Sutter (drums) and Ivo Henzi (guitars, bass) – Checked in with the following announcement:

We are beyond excited to announce our first headline tour visiting Ireland, Scotland and England! We can’t wait to rock out with you all! **Tickets go on sale this Friday, 02.02.2018!** Continue reading »

Dec 182017

Switzerland’s new mystic sound force Cellar Darling (feat. former Eluveitie members), Anna Murphy, Merlin Sutter and Ivo Henzi – have wrapped up their first official tour this past weekend. They joined forces with the Italian metal band Lacuna Coil on their extensive European fall tour 2017 – Fan-filmed video footage of their last show on this tour (Dec. 15th. 2017) in the Netherlands can be seen below.

Their debut album “This Is The Sound” was released on June 30 via Nuclear Blast. The disc was recorded at New Sound Studio with producer Tommy Vetterli (Coroner/Eluveitie). Continue reading »

Nov 062017

Switzerland’s new mystic sound force Cellar Darling (feat. former Eluveitie members), Anna Murphy, Merlin Sutter and Ivo Henzi – have released a brand new music video.

The new music video, for the track ‘Six Days,’ is taken from the band’s debut album “This Is The Sound” which was released earlier this year. The release of the new video comes as the band prepare for their extensive tour across Europe with Lacuna Coil. Speaking about the new animated video, the band says:

“it‘s the sixth of November. A good day to present you the video to our song Six Days, a dark and abstract story about the last man left on earth. We‘ve always wanted this special song to have a visual representation and we knew immediately that if we ever could realise this project, the man for it would be our favourite artist Costin Chioreanu. Without any guidelines he has managed to capture the atmosphere perfectly. The video really shows what was inside Anna’s head when she wrote the lyrics and recorded the first demo in the middle of the night. When we further worked on this song, we realised once more that we are not really bound to one style of music and that we have the freedom to expand our horizon even more – that‘s why this song will always have a special meaning to us. We hope you love it as much as we do!”

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Aug 022017

Switzerland’s new mystic sound force Cellar Darling (feat. former Eluveitie members) has become unstoppable! After the release of their debut album “This Is The Sound”, Anna Murphy, Merlin Sutter and Ivo Henzi have relentlessly played festival shows and even an exclusive concert with Evanescence in Pratteln and their chart success (#16 in the Swiss album charts, #19 in the UK Rock Charts…) only spurred them on. So this autumn, the founders of the New Wave of Folk Rock will not only support Delain on several dates, but also join the Italian Gothfathers Lacuna Coil on their extensive European tour!

Cellar Darling states: “This Is The Sound has been out for a month, and we’re at a complete lack of words. We’re incredibly thankful for glowing reviews, for video views and comments beyond our wildest hopes, for amazing first festival shows, and most importantly, for the deluge of awesome feedback from the best fans in the world.

Now we have one priority, and one priority only: getting back on the road, and making it our mission to visit each and every one of our fans to celebrate our music live together. We’re already excited about hitting the road with Delain in the fall, after premiering our club show with two dates in Switzerland, and are proud and happy to announce that we’ve added another 27 shows with none other than the amazing Lacuna Coil!” Continue reading »

Jul 292017

The debut album from Cellar Darling is perhaps perfectly titled . This is the Sound introduces the band and their unique blend of folk, metal, and rock and showcases the talents of the band in a way that should create a sizable fan base.

Cellar Darling traces its roots back to the Swiss folk metal legends Eluveitie and the summer of 2016 when Anna Murphy, Ivo Henzi, and Merlin Sutter left the band but realized they still wanted to craft music.  Fusing metal, folk, and alternative styles with traditional instruments like the hurdy-gurdy, ethereal vocals, powerful drums, and heavy riffs, Cellar Darling began crafting their songs of lyrical tales of old.  In fall of 2016, the singles “Challenge” and “Fire, Wind & Earth” were released and the band signed to Nuclear Blast Records in January 2017.  Three more singles followed and This is the Sound was released at the end of June 2017.

One of the great things about reviewing albums is when you get a new artist you haven’t heard of, to just fire up the album and start listening.  That’s what I did with Cellar Darling’s This Is the Sound and this is one of those albums that grabs you immediately.  After seeing they are on Nuclear Blast, I had a feeling I likely knew something about the band, and after a bit of google, suspicions were confirmed as the band is made up of former Eluveitie members.  While they can’t escape that, make no mistake, this is not Eluveitie-style folk metal.  I would best describe this as folk-influenced almost hard alternative or perhaps radio-friendly metal, heavy enough to keep the metalheads engaged  but not heavy enough to drive off the casual metal listener. Continue reading »