Oct 082015

This Is A WarningAmsterdam based metalheads For I Am King recently released a new video for ‘This is A Warning’ via Redfield Digital a division of German Redfield Records. Directed by Wesley and edited by Sander from Resolve. The single is also available for download at iTunes. The video can be watched below.

For I Am King combine furious metal riffs with distinctive melodies, pounding drums and female vocals. Their message is simple: ‘just metal’, based on friendship, work-ethic and passion. Since forming in September 2013,  For I Am King have quickly built up a strong following and are well on their way to reach their goals!

For I Am King toured the UK in January 2015 and in March-April the band was part of the Shake the Earth tour, presented by Large Popmerchandising and Monster Energy. On July 30th For I Am King played at the Headbangers Stage of the Almighty Wacken Open Air in Germany. Continue reading »