Jun 152018

British death/doom metal band My Silent Wake have released a video for ‘There Was Death’ which is the title track from their new album. The video was directed by Andrew Spencer. Filmed at 13 Sound Studios, Kewstoke. Song recorded at 13 Sound and Prory Studios, Sutton Coldfield. Song produced by Greg Chandler.

The video for ‘There Was Death’ can be watched below.

MSW tenth album “There Was Death” is released February 24th on CD and double LP via Minotauro Records. Continue reading »

My Silent Wake – “There was Death”

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Apr 102018

Hailing from south west England, My Silent Wake, the acclaimed death/doomsters are back with their tenth full length studio album “There was Death”. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered at 13 Sound in Somerset and Priory Studios in Sutton Coldfield with doom legend Greg Chandler of Esoteric; and released on the 16th of February 2018 under the label of Minotauro Records. The cover print for the album was done by renowned Finnish artist Juha Vuorma.

The band was formed in 2005 by founder member Ian Arkley of Seventh Angel / Ashen Mortality features a variety of musicians(Guest growls and screams from Greg), and is said to be one of the heaviest of their records till date. Having toured extensively in Europe with Norway’s In Vain, Draconian, The Vision Bleak and Saturnus in the past, My Silent Wake has appeared on split albums with The Drowning and Pylon.

The album opens up with “A Dying Man’s Wish” with ploughing chords, heavy guitar riffing and monster growls pulverizing the grey of your head. The subdued deathly growls in the backdrop and the keys play a crucial role in setting up immense doom element right at the outset. The song takes a dramatic and morbid shift as the protagonist finally acknowledges and reaches his end (of life). “Damnatio Memoriae” carries on with the atmospheric soundscape and explains the journey of a soul passing through death as all memory is erased from time, a truly magnificent song with so much depth. Continue reading »

Mar 192018

Please welcome the newest addition to My Silent Wake [MSW].

David MacLean [picture] has now officially joined the band on 2nd guitar duties. Dave was previously in the band Irony of Christ and he replaces Mike [Hitchen] who is very busy with The Drowning right now as well as his full time job. His first MSW performance was on Friday at our album launch gig. Video footage from that gig can be watched below.

My Silent Wake‘s new album “There Was Death” is released February 24th on CD and double LP via Minotauro Records. Continue reading »

Feb 142018

My Silent Wake are pleased to announce that pre-orders for the digital and CD versions of “There Was Death” are now available from our bandcamp store.

The band states: “Delve into your purses and wallets folks, we really need the cash to s̶p̶e̶n̶d̶ ̶o̶n̶ ̶s̶p̶e̶c̶i̶a̶l̶ ̶b̶e̶e̶r̶ fund another album.”

“There Was Death” will be released February 24th on CD and double LP via Minotauro Records. The track is available for streaming below.

“This release represents possibly the most aggressive and heavy material that MSW have recorded so far. It’s been a long time in the making, and we’ve put a lot into it, but we’re very proud of the final result

“Almost 65 mins of mainly very heavy music. We have one track that isn’t metal on there and I believe it is our shortest track ever. 35 seconds! It also has the longest title on the album.” Continue reading »

Jan 302018

British death/doom metal band My Silent Wake have released another new song entitled ‘There Was Death’, the title track from their upcoming new album “There Was Death”, which will be released February 18th on CD and double LP via Minotauro Records. The track is available for streaming below.

Frontman Ian Arkley says: “’There Was Death’ started out a few years ago with a riff written by our live rhythm guitarist, The Drowning’s Mike Hitchen. The song was completed by me and bassist Addam. We recorded last year in 13 Sound and Priory studios. The lyrics were also a long time in development and started with one idea and ended with something quite different. The idea of time stopping completely at an individual’s death (at least in their perception) was the starting point and a survival of death was the finishing point. This survival is something very different to that described by any religion and is very open to interpretation. The song is summed up in the end refrain, ‘Of science, of religion, chained by these confines’.” Continue reading »