Dec 132016

International modern hard rock band The World Will Burn plan to release its sophomore album, “RuinNation” the first quarter of 2017.  Consisting of American guitarist Alan Zaring and New Zealand based vocalist Dale Thompson (Bride), The World Will Burn got its start in January of 2016 with its independently released debut full length “Severity.”

According to The World Will Burn press material, “Thompson and Zaring (worked) remotely to create music that transcends culture, language, and genres while focusing on emotion and passion rather than commercial success”.  Specifically, The World Will Burn will further “change the way you look at hard rock music: New, fresh sounds combined with classic influences and thoughtful lyrics; power merged with grace; explosiveness married to innocence; rage fused with compassion.” Continue reading »

The World Will Burn – “Severity”

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Mar 192016

SeverityBride in many ways became an institution in the Christian metal scene over the course of its lifespan. Dale Thompson’s distinctive vocal attributes always played an important role in defining the characteristics and sound of Bride. The last album that Bride released was, “Incorruptible” in 2013, which was not one of Bride’s best releases. I was and still am very partial to the earlier works of Bride, as they were far more distinctive and original. However the distinctiveness and powerfulness of Dale Thompson’s voice always remained throughout.

So in 2013 Bride said goodbye to us with “Incorruptible”, and Dale packed his bags and moved to New Zealand and got married. Though I heard rumours that he might start another band, I personally was in two minds over whether or not he should start another band considering the strong legacy that was left by Bride, and the fact that for me “Incorruptible” was not the best album for them to say goodbye with.

Nevertheless here we are with Dale Thompson’s new project blasting away through my speakers like a nuclear assault. The new project is entitled “The World Will Burn” a stars Dale Thompson (New Zealand) and Alan Zaring (USA). Project bands are always interesting and often peek my ears, maybe it’s because I myself have been involved in several project bands in the last couple of years. There are a lot of dynamics involved when you work remotely on a project, and its quite an achievement and an experience to be involved in something like that and see it come alive. My band the Old-Timers which is a hardcore / crossover thrash punk band have been doing this for around 5 years now, and I just love it, and it’s been amazing project to see grow from strength to strength over the years, and has spawned projects within knowing what is capable through modern technology. Continue reading »

Jan 232016

SeverityThe World Will Burn (the new band of Dale Thompson) has checked in with the following announcement:

“We are very close to having the CDs available but for our closest fans we are making EVERY TRACK ON THE ALBUM available for preview on our website.  We are also making “SEVERITY” available for PURCHASE as an MP3 download beginning TODAY! You can purchase individual tracks in either the music section or the store section, and the entire CD can be purchased in the STORE section. We told you we are making our music affordable and we are!  Song downloads are only .99 cents.  Forget that and download all 13 tracks for only $9.99!   Listen, download, turn it up, and share!  Please respond with your thoughts in the comments to this post!”

The World Will Burn is a unique worldwide collaboration between Dale Thompson and Alan Zaring. Dale, who lives in New Zealand, and Alan, who lives in the United States,  have been working together remotely to create music that transcends culture, language, and genres.  Continue reading »

Jan 052016

TWWBThe World Will Burn just reported the following:

“Thank you all for your patience with the release of the CD “Severity”.  We have been moving along but there are some things that are out of our control.  We are pleased to report things are coming together nicely. We are waiting for the last few songs to be mastered by our engineer, we almost have all of our design completed for the CD cover and contents, and are awaiting some really cool merchandise. You will not be getting a CD in a sleeve.“Severity” be a full color 6 panel digipak with all the lyrics printed for you.  It will contain amazing original artwork by Dale Thompson.  We have really good looking shirts, stickers, posters and hats coming, all top shelf and professionally designed.  Most importantly, we are offering everything at AFFORDABLE PRICES, so you can wear your rock proudly without breaking the bank.  The World Will Burn really is breaking all the rules!

“We just approved the final art layout for the “The World Will Burn” CD. Within days now, “Severity” will be in production and shortly into the hands of all those that pre-ordered it. Continue reading »

Dec 252015

TWWBWe feel very honored to bring you the exclusive world premiere of a brand new song of The World Will Burn’s upcoming debut album “Severity”. The World Will Burn is the new band of Dale Thompson which he started together with Alan Zaring.

The new song ‘Why’ can be streamed in the soundcloud player below. Be sure to leave us a comment with your thoughts! (sidenote: this stream is available temporary, till Saturday [26-12] midnight, 00:00 CET).

Alan Zaring (guitars) says: “These songs wrote themselves.  Dale and I were merely the tools.  We realized early on in the process that we would be making music that is totally different than other heavy music being marketed today.  It seems like so much of the metal these days sounds alike and follows a “formula” for success.  We hope that these songs will be difficult to classify as “sounds like ________”.  We wanted to be heavy but completely different and I think we were successful.  I hope you like it!” Continue reading »