Nov 152017

Yes it is true, Dale and Troy Thompson have reunited to write one more Bride album. The writing process is underway with a projected release date of Spring 2018. If you would like to contribute to the recording process, you can do that by Clicking Here

Let’s make the new Bride CD happen together.

“Update on the Bride work. Troy and I [Dale] are now compiling all of the work together and choosing the best tunes to concentrate on. Please be patient because we want to make this an incredible release for you. And thanks to everyone that have contributed to our PayPal CD fund thus far.” Continue reading »

Aug 122017

International hard rock act The World Will Burn has released a lyric video for the track ‘We All Die Alone,’ which comes off its April 11, 2017 Retroactive Records sophomore album “RuiNation.” Consisting of American guitarist Alan Zaring and New Zealand based vocalist Dale Thompson (Bride)The World Will Burn got its start in January of 2016 with its independently released debut full length “Severity.”

The two have been working together remotely to create music that transcends culture, language, and genres. Hence, how TWWB focuses on emotion and passion instead of commercial pressure.

With over 20 studio albums released to date, Thompson, is best known as front man for the band Bride. His vocals are legendary and he is consistently considered one of the top singers in heavy music worldwide. Dale takes his talents to new heights with TWWB. Continue reading »

The World Will Burn – “Ruination”

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Apr 232017

Well just when I thought Dale Thompson hung up his gloves for good after Bride, he surprised me with the release of “Severity” with a new project called The World Will Burn. Partnered up with Alan Zaring, The World Will Burn, saw “Severity” became a surprise hit for 2016.  It managed to rip its way up the top of the Amazon Hot New Alternative metal download chart, and if that was not enough it was able to maintain and stay near the top for months.  It showed that the road of creating music for Dale and Alan is not over. As many of us by now know Dale Thompson is a name that is very synonymous when talking Christian metal. In fact I say if you don’t have a Bride album in your metal collection, it’s the poorer for it. Okay we going off course a bit here, “Severity” was a surprise hit for 2016, and with that keeping to formula “Ruination” is released unto the world following up on the back of the success of “Severity”.

Now you need to know one thing I have always liked about Dale Thompson and Bride is that there is an experimental edge to him and the band, and that has been transposed onto The World Will Burn, and what a perfect combination Alan and Dale make in achieving a sound that is somewhat a little different to the usual broth of metal bands out there. Right off the bat there is a sense of growth and depth with “Ruination” over “Severity”, and that is usually a good thing, especially considering the success of “Severity”. It’s that experimental edge and flavour brought together through the combined talent of Dale and Alan that make “Ruination”, with Tim Bushong who engineered and mastered RuiNation playing the guitar solos and adding bits here and there that assist in making this a unique and ground breaking release which shows one that you never too old to rock out, and make great music if you are, The World Will Burn. To put it simply, The World Will Burn are a unique alternative metal band that though staying true to the roots of the individuals in the band draw some modern influence creating a sound that is somewhat different to the norm. It’s that formula that made, “Severity” a success, and hopefully building on that, “Ruination” will follow the same trend. Continue reading »

Mar 092017

International modern hard rock band The World Will Burn have released ‘Love To Hate’ and it’s their first single from their sophomore album “RuiNation.” which will be released soon. The song can be streamed below.

“RuiNation” is officially finished and all the masters have been sent to the printing company. We will be getting the CDs in a few weeks. You don’t have to wait to hear samples of our new songs. Head over to their website and you can hear a part of every song FREE.

Consisting of American guitarist Alan Zaring and New Zealand based vocalist Dale Thompson (Bride), The World Will Burn got its start in January of 2016 with its independently released debut full length “Severity.”
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Feb 142017

International modern hard rock band The World Will Burn recently released a video for ‘The More Things Change’. The track comes off their debut album “Severity” which has been released on 25 Jan. 2016 through Goatman Records. The video can be watched below.

Currently the band is working on their sophomore album “RuinNation” that will be released later this year.

The World Will Burn is a unique worldwide collaboration between Dale Thompson and Alan Zaring. Dale, who lives in New Zealand, and Alan, who lives in the United States,  have been working together remotely to create music that transcends culture, language, and genres. The World Will Burn is focused on emotion and passion instead of commercial pressure.  New, fresh sounds combined with classic influences merged with thoughtful lyrics. Power merged with grace.  Explosiveness married to innocence.  Rage fused with compassion. Continue reading »