Mar 172017

With their new album, “Smash The Windows”, in-stores now, The Tossers have released a lyric video for the politically charged anthem ‘Erin Go Bragh.’ “Our voices resound through the halls of the town, all the way to the President’s door,” lashes vocalist Tony Duggins on the current policies of American immigration. “For me personally and others in the band, we have grandparents from Ireland. We grew up in Chicago, which has attracted a lot of workers from all over the world, not just the Irish, but Italian, Polish, Mexican immigrants and more. It’s always been a part of our lives. The footage in the video is important because it has a lot to do with the song – it reflects what is going on in this country.”

Watch The ‘Erin Go Bragh’ Lyric Video below.

“People always say that America is a country of immigrants, which it is,” adds guitarist Mike Pawula. “But at the core of that idea is the sense that every culture that comes to this country will adjust to a new life while trying to preserve some of its heritage and history. And some people have been fortunate to do so and can still celebrate the traditions their families once did.” Continue reading »

Mar 102017

“Uncle Sam, as you know, changed our names long ago when we got to America’s door,” wails front-man Tony Duggins on ‘Erin Go Bragh,’ the brand new video from The Tossers. “I wanted to tell the story of Irish immigration I’ve heard all my life,” explains Duggins. “A story of racism, rejection, and how they overcame the obstacles, and I think that reflects kind of what’s going on now.”

‘Erin Go Bragh’ can be found on their latest album, “Smash The Windows,” which is released on March 3 through Victory Records, available everywhere now.

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The Tossers – “Smash the Windows”

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Mar 052017

Straight from the South side of Chicago, the “world’s loudest folk band” is back with their ninth album, nearly an hour’s worth of celtic-punk tunes paying homage to the band’s  Irish roots and the Irish-American experience.

Hailing from Southside Chicago, the Tossers have been performing as a band since 1993, predating some of the other, more well-known celtic punk bands, like Dropkick Murphys and Flogging Molly.  That being said, to their credit the Tossers have shared the stage with a plethora of great bands, including the likes of Mastadon, Sick of It All, the Pogues, and the obvious Flogging Molly and Dropkick Murphys.  Interestingly, the Tossers were also granted the honor to play the Kennedy Center in May of 2016.  All in all, it’s a pretty good story for a band that got its start playing pubs in the south side of Chicago.  As a bit of trivia for the curious, the name comes from a slang term for British coins that became worthless when the southern Irish Free State won independence from Britian .  For Smash the Windows, their ninth full length and sixth on Victory Records, the band worked with longtime producer Andy Gerber at Million Yen Studio in Chicago.

The Tossers have certainly not scrimped on this album as it has 17 tracks and runs nearly an hour in length and to make things clear, every song is solid on this release.  To make things easier, there are several types of songs on the album: the upbeat, story-telling songs; the loud, raucous, pub singalongs, a couple instrumentals, and the slower, somewhat melancholy and bittersweet tracks that often have a more traditional celtic feel to them than the other tracks. Continue reading »

Feb 242017

The Tossers are proud to deliver the video for ‘Smash The Windows,’ the bar-brawling title song from their upcoming album available March 3rd. Led by the gritty voice of Tony Duggins, the song authentically captures The Tossers’ blue-collar bluster and storytelling. The video can be watched below.

The Tossers recently released the singles ‘Erin Go Bragh’ and ‘The Horses’ from the record. Not only does the album pay tribute to their Irish heritage, it recites stories of immigration struggles, which in many ways mimics the tumultuous tone of America today.
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Feb 202017

“’It’s your lucky day, ya prick’ roars The Tossers’ lead vocalist Tony Duggins on ‘The Horses’ the second single unveiled from forthcoming new album “Smash The Windows” set for release on March 3rd, 2017.

Clapping thunderously out of the gate, ‘The Horses’ recounts the story of a stakes win at the track, alongside the band’s signature elegance and neck-break Irish punk rock spirited sound.

The Tossers recently released ‘Erin Go Bragh’ and will be on tour celebrating nearly a quarter century together. The tour kicks off March 1 in Ferndale, MI, closing with an anticipated sold-out hometown show at Chicago’s Metro, on March 17. Continue reading »