Jan 012021

 We Are Our Own Worst Enemy’ is the new single from The Thomas Thompson Earth Project which appears on the bands 3rd release “Systematic Brain Drain” which will be released this year. The band stated:

Here is our first video of us together. We hope you will enjoy it as much as we do.

The video can be seen below.

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Jul 072020

Just 6 months after the debut release from The Thomas Thompson Earth Project entitled “Dreamland Love Craft” we are already getting you ready for round two!

That’s right this Dale Thompson (Bride) fronted project is just getting started! Get ready as we bring you the sophomore effort entitled “7 Angels, 1 Sad Devil” and did we mention it’s even heavier than the debut?

Garret Thomas has done it again with 10 more new blistering tracks you have got to hear! Starting off with the debut single ‘Empty Sky’

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May 122020

Parts of this review’s contents comes out of a conversation I had with Dale Thompson through Facebook messenger on the 5th of May 2020 where I put forward a couple of questions to him regarding the release. Therefore it’s a longer review than I would generally write for an album.

There are certain things in life I will admit that get me quite excited, one being the acquisition of new music; or the sound of an awesomely tuned American V8 muscle car. This excitement includes the opportunity to review another project of which Dale Thompson has been involved with. Therefore it will as no surprise to the reader that I am a huge fan of Dale’s vocals and regard him as one of metal music’s top vocalists, and certainly one of music’s more stylistically original vocalists in the industry. Also if you look beyond his contributions to Bride you will discover his not afraid to explore new ground in music. Sure those projects might not be everyone’s cup of coffee but nevertheless each project on their own deserves a level of respect and highlights the versatility and depth of Dale’s creativeness as a well rounded musician. So as I said I was a little fan giddy when receiving the latest project to pass through his hands, but however this does not mean this project gets off lightly at all. In fact it means I really dial in deep to give you the reader the most honest and down the line review I can because of my musical expectations of the man and the individuals that are involved alongside him on this project.

The new projects is called The Thomas Thompson Earth Project and the debut album from this talented group of musicians under review is entitled, ’Dreamland Lovecraft’. Since Garret Thomas is the music writer and composer, mixing engineer and mastering engineer on this project, and that Dale’s grandfather was Thomas Thompson, Dale felt it would be fitting to use Garret’s last name and his grandfather’s name in combination with Thompson.

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Feb 152020

The Thomas Thompson Earth Project have released a second single ‘Down The Devils Throat’ the song appears on the upcoming

The Thomas Thompson Earth Project is a combination of Garret Thomas, Dale Thompson (Bride, The World Will Burn, No Other God, Perceptual Paranoia) and Tiago James de Souza (Perpetual Paranoia. Hand of Fire and Godman)

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Feb 072020

Roxx Records is excited to bring you another excellent project featuring the talents of none other than the very busy front man Dale Thompson (Bride, No Other God, Perpetual Paranoia and more) along with another very busy guitar slinger Tiago James de Souza (Hand of Fire, Perpetual Paranoia) and rounding out this project is founder Garret Thomas to complete this amazing new project.

The Thomas Thompson Earth Project is a combination of Garret Thomas, Dale Thompson (Bride, The World Will Burn, No Other God, Perceptual Paranoia) and Tiago James de Souza (Perpetual Paranoia. Hand of Fire and Godman)

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