The Lead – “Burn This Record +30”

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Feb 062020

Roughly 30 years ago, Christian punk rock pioneers, The Lead, released Burn this Record and now the whole thing has been remastered and re-released with a bunch of previously unreleased bonus track demos.

The Lead are one of those bands that have remained pretty much a well-kept secret over the years.  From their beginnings in 1984 or so, The Lead released seven different albums/eps to go along with four other self-released titles before ending up on Roxx Records to release This Past Behind and Burn this Record in 1989.  In 2018, the band released the Again (ep) on Roxx Records and now have followed it up with this re-release.

The Lead certainly are one of those bands where I  look back and wonder how I missed them.  I keep seeing the label “Christian punk rock pioneers” applied to them, but especially with Burn This Record, I’m thinking there more like the thrashy-crossover SOD, but with obviously different lyrical content.  Musically, most of the songs tend to lean toward the ultra-fast more metal sounding riffs and freight train drumming.  Nina Llopis vocals have that challenging, in-your-face punk rock sneer and work really well even in this metal/punk hybrid.  A good introduction for the unknowing is the “Skate or Die” lyric video from the remastered version here.  Lyrics are boldly Christian and pull no punches, being very straightforward.  As I noted on my review of the Again (ep) the songs tend to go on a bit longer than they really should almost as if the band had parts of other songs they couldn’t finish, so they added them into existing tracks.  That being said, one component that I do really like in some of these sections are the screaming guitar solos that seem to explode out of the mix, reminding me of some older Greg Ginn craziness.

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Dec 152019

Twas The Night Before Christmas all cuddled with your spouse. Not a speaker was blasting throughout the whole house. No Stryper, or Vengeance, or Rex Carroll & The Bleed! Well we’re gonna fix that with this special release from, THE LEAD!

Can you believe it has been 30 years since the release of one of the most classic Christian punk rock albums ever! Florida punk legends The Lead are celebrating the 30th anniversary of their most iconic album “Burn This Record” with a very special Limited Edition release entitled “Burn This Record + 30”.

Check out the just released remastered lyric video for the classic tune ‘Skate or Die’ below.

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Dec 272018

Punk rock wasn’t always the domain of photogenic young things given to emotionalism. When “hardcore” was the adjective commonly used to modify “punk” in the 1980s, primal musical aggression and tempos verering toward the supersonic demanded equally forceful lyrical content delivered with commensurate conviction.

Entering the hardcore fray in mid-decade were The Lead. Nearly all of the co-ed Florida trio’s studio output is now collected in a compilation called Hardcore For Jesus. The four years of artistic evoltion it evidences is as revelatory as its evangelistic/testimonial fervor.

From their debut four-song 7-inch EP in ’85, The Lead distinguished itself, but not only by their Christianity. Having dual lead vocalist-songwriters in guitarist Julio Rey and bassist Nina Llopis set them apart, as did a vanguely English attack on such numbers as ‘It’s Thru You’ and anti-abortion ‘Better Off.’

Drummer Robbie Christie began contributing verses and vocals with the act’s longest release, ’86’s cassette-only Return Fire. A virtuosic tightness began to develop amid the lo-fi cacaphony. ‘Lead Us To Salvation’ evinced a power-boogie spawl, ‘Emergency’ and ‘The Law Of Love’ messed with club beats before the latter skidded into a hyper-frenzied 180 with ‘Throwaway.’ Llopis begins to sound all the more feminine on numbers such as ‘Take Him Home,’ and Rey maims blues influence on ‘No Religion.’ Continue reading »

Nov 142018

Roxx Records in conjunction with The Lead are very proud to be celebrating the 30th anniversary of the classic seminal Christian punk album “The Past Behind.”

1988 was a pivotal year for Christian music. The first major wave of metal and punk bands became established, with major label releases from Believer and Vengeance and with the Crucified making their debut at Cornerstone Festival.

In the nascent Christian underground music scene, 1988 was the year of fast-and-loud-rules, no-nonsense, hardcore punk and speed metal crossover thrash. And The Lead were right in the middle of it all with their second appearance at Cornerstone and the major-label release of a re-recorded version of the EP that the band had self-released a year earlier, called The Past Behind, which was released on cassette and vinyl only at that time. Continue reading »

The Lead – “Again” (ep)

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Feb 112018

Surprisingly The Lead, who some label as Christian punk pioneers, don’t get much attention.  From their beginnings in 1984 or so, The Lead released seven different albums/eps to go along with four other self-released titles before ending up on Roxx Records to release This Past Behind and Burn this Record in 1988-1989.  Since then, they’ve been pretty quiet as a group.  For Again, three of the original four band members reunited and even brought on Steve Rowe of Mortification for one track.  The band produced the ep and it was mixed and mastered by Gary James Noland

This album takes me back as it has that basement recording, minimal produced feel to it that “underground” bands back when I was a kid often had.  In all honesty, I had not heard of The Lead until getting this ep to review, which being an old hardcore kid who grew up when the Lead were coming on to the scene, makes me scratch my head a bit.  Looking back through the internet comments on The Lead, they look to have brought on a good bit of disdain from the mainstream Christian community, with is why I didn’t at least hear of them, but also disappointing as I probably would have been a fan.  I also grew up in a bit of a music wasteland, so didn’t get to hear about new music, so I blame that as well. Continue reading »