Oct 192013

Phinehas_2013California mustache masters Phinehas has posted the following message, earlier today on their facebook page:

“Hello beautiful metal lovers.

We get a lot of questions about whether or not Phinehas is a “Christian band” and what that actually means to us in our daily lives. We are indeed a Christian band, but this absolutely doesn’t mean that we don’t have flaws or make mistakes.

The truth is that every single person on this planet deals with sin as the result of the fall, us and every other Christian included. Our “reputation” isn’t what’s important to us-we don’t want to just hide our flaws inside and act like we are perfect on the outside because what other people think of us ultimately holds no weight in the eyes of God. The only thing that matters to us is Jesus-we are sinners that need a Savior. None of our identities are in Phinehas, our identities are in Christ, and Jesus must increase while we (and by extension, Phinehas) must decrease. Continue reading »

Aug 022013

phinehas-thelastwordisyourstospeak“Next to the Word of God, the noble art of music is the greatest treasure in the world.” – Martin Luther. Music has the ability to reach into our souls and hearts, and many of our experiences can be relayed back to music. We all have a favorite song, a certain rythem or beat we come back to time and time again. I think some of the best music out there is music that is able to take you on a journey. So lets begin our journey with the latest offering from Phinehas entitled, “The Last Word Is Yours To Speak”. Now before we climb into the album, let me refresh you with some small amounts of info about Phinehas just to better set the platform of the review.

“Phinehas was formed with a simple purpose: to be a band of Christians that brings the hope of Jesus to the hopeless and rejected.” – Facebook biography.  Listening to that last song on this release, ”WWII” for me just strengthens the conviction of those words to start with anyways. Red Cord Records once again have been able to release this album, and certainly its a strong release by all accounts. Continue reading »

Jul 232013

Phinehas_2013California mustache masters Phinehas debuted a new music video for their track ‘Fleshkiller’. The song comes off their new record “The Last Word Is Yours To Speak” out today through Red Cord Records. The video can be viewed below.

The song is also available as a free download in exchange for signing up for their mailing list. Continue reading »

Jun 232013

Phinehas_2013Phinehas played a new song called “Blood On My Knuckles” at Chain Reaction in Anaheim CA last Friday. The song comes from their forth coming album “The Last Word Is Yours To Speak.” which will be released on July 23rd through Red Cord Records. The video can be seen below.

You can now pre-order the album now. The exclusive bundles are going super fast, ORDER NOW before they are gone! You can also build your own bundle by adding individual items to your order so you can get all of your favorite designs! Continue reading »

Jun 222013

Phinehas_2013California Christian metal act Phinehas are excited to announce their forth coming album, “The Last Word Is Yours To Speak.” The album is set to be released on July 23rd through Red Cord Records. With the announcement of the release date also comes the announcement that you can now pre-order the album as well as any of the four exclusive bundle packs featured below. With the order of a bundle pack you will receive a hoodie, t-shirt or tank along with the album, a poster and a lanyard.

‘Fleshkiller’ a new song, was released late last month, check it out below. The song is also available as a free download in exchange for signing up for their mailing list. Continue reading »