Dec 212015

The Hand of Death (EP)In a world where old-school thrash metal is tough to find, Adorned Graves have released an ep that will help fill that void, but will certainly whet the appetite  of metal fans who will be now waiting for their debut album to be finished.

Adorned Graves certainly were not on my radar as far as bands go and from my US-centric perspective, this ep from the Kaiserslutern band literally came as quite a surprise.  According to the band, they play “Old School Thrash Metal with a touch of Doom Metal” and I would say that is accurate as long as there is more emphasis on the thrash and less on the doom.  Often a band’s influences don’t necessarily describe their music but in this case, the ones cited by Adorned Graves would, so you can expect to hear Slayer, Black Sabbath, Trouble, Vengeance Rising, and Metallica. Continue reading »