Nov 042018

Earlier this year, Sleeping Romance guitarist Federico Truzzi released his beautiful and neoclassical solo album “The Great Grey Ocean” (Kning Disk) recently he released the video for ‘Behind The Light.’ A cinematic track that breathes vain and timelessness. The video can be seen below.

On November 10th, Truzzi performs its first live show for the year at the Brainstorm Festival in Apeldoorn (Netherlands).

Federico Truzzi, an accomplished musician and sound engineer, has dedicated his life to the constant pursuit of music, touching upon all facets from classical composures to an uncanny natural inclination towards the distorted guitar. Continue reading »

Mar 172018

‘Endless Wave’ is the first single from Federico Truzzi‘s upcoming solo album “The Great Grey Ocean” which will be released by Kning Disk (Gothenburg). ‘Endless Wave’ is composed and produced by Truzzi. Other musicians Cecilia Bolognesi – violin, Elde Lini – cello.

Truzzi states: “The day has come! It’s been an intense and terrific time which lead to this first single I’m so sincerely proud to present. ‘Endless Wave’ is just a little taste of my upcoming album . 

The sheer force of the ocean has been the source of inspiration for “Endless Wave”, which is in a way the beating heart of my first album as a composer.”

The video for ‘Endless Wave’can be seen below. Continue reading »