Jun 062019

Back in 2005, Living Fire began as a project without a fixed lineup other than Luis Carlos on vocals and bass as he just wanted to make music and record to have music to listen to..never realizing that the lyrics in English would ever have an impact due to his accent.  In 2011, the cd was recorded with the opening track “Jesus is Not Dead” and a couple of covers leading to the band signing to Thumper Punk Records in 2012.  A couple of videos later and a couple of years, saw the band release Dead to Sin in 2014.  Since then the band has released a couple more cd’s, Eternal Now in 2016 and Every Saint has a Past, Every Sinner has a Future in 2017, which saw the band veer away from a hardcore sound and more toward a Blink-182-like sound.  During recording of Eternal Now, founder Luis Carlos shifted to only vocals and the band brought on Raphael Alcantara to handle bass duties and as a result of this change, the band suddenly had more creative input to their sound.

In full disclosure, I did like the band’s early material which was a bit more like melodic old-school hardcore and I pretty much lost interest in their more recent releases as the change in sound just didn’t fit into what I like to listen to.  With The Flame Still Burns, if it wasn’t for Luiz Carlos’ distinctive vocals and tone, I would have thought it was a different band.  So much more aggression and heavy, fast guitars and drums on this release.  While their last one was more like Blink-182, I would put this one more toward bands like Downset and dare I say some hints of Sepultura.    “Eternal Love” opens innocently enough with some howling wind and a crying baby but then Luiz Carlos comes in with a rap-like delivery and chunky guitar and bass riff with some gang vocals thrown in for good measure until  the song shifts into a more melodic chorus section filled with some nicely layered in guitar leads.  I get all sorts of influences showing up here, early TFK, POD, and the great funky bass work by Raphael Alcantara really helps bring the song along.  Great start to the album and I did go back and check to make sure I had the right album playing. Continue reading »

Dec 152013

The Flame Still Burns Strong 2013Anyone familiar with metal likely immediately thinks Sepultura when asked about metal in Brazil and for good reason.  Where there is one good band there are likely many others and Brazil is no exception to this rule.  Skin Culture has made a name for themselves in their home country by touring with the likes of Sepultura, Soulfly, Korn, Ill Nino, and P.O.D.  Now with three albums, a DVD, and an ep under their belts in the past eight years, Skin Culture from Mogi das Cruzes in Brazil should be set to expand their listener base.

Trying to describe a band that may be relatively unknown to the reader of a review is a tricky business as listeners all tend to hear bands through their own experiences and tastes in music, and yet at the same time, it is often critical to keep the reader interested and hopefully encouraged to go do some listening of their own.  To my ears, Skin Culture, reminds me a lot of Bury Your Dead, especially their Beauty and the Breakdown album.  That being said, lead singer Shucky lists Sepultura, Pantera, Machine Head, Fear Factory, Skinlab, Slipknot, and Soilwork as bands he listened to growing up and those influences definitely come through as well.  Simply put, Skin Culture plays an aggressive blend of groove metal with touches of thrash and hardcore.  Hard to find anything wrong with that.  As it turns out, this album is fairly long in coming to fruition as the band weathered some lineup changes that obviously delayed things a bit.  In the end, the album features some notable guest artists, including the original Wailers, yes, those Wailers from Bob Marley’s band. Continue reading »

Aug 092013

Skin Culture 2013The Brazilian metal band Skin Culture has posted an album teaser for their upcoming album “The Flame Still Burns Strong”, the track by track teaser can be streamed below.

The longawaited album “The Flame Still Burns Strong” will be released August 17 via Stand and Deliver Records [USA]. “The Flame Still Burns Strong” is a powerful album that was developed with special guests such as: Desi Hyson [Original Wailers], Marcello Pompeu [Korzus], Fabricio Ravelli [ex Imbyra Hyrax], Luciano Vassan [Tamuya Thrash Tribe] and Emi Rojas [Desierto Gris]. Unfortunately, The label of P.O.D. does not allow the band to participate. Continue reading »

Jun 202013

Shucky_SCShucky Miranda the vocalist of the Brazilian metal band Skin Culture, posted the following message on the band’s facebook profile:

“Good morning my family, I want to share with you this special moment for everyone. Only God knows how much was practically suffocating the fight to concretize this new CD. God knows all things, because we are only his instruments. I can not forget to thank once again the producer Raul Dipeas, which for me was the key piece to can achieve such perfection in each arrangement, tones that border on insanity. You’re the guy crazier, sick and psychotic musical that I had the honor to meet Raul. Continue reading »

Nov 232012

Skin Culture have revealed the final tracklist for the new upcoming album The Flame Still Burns Strong. The album was supposed to be released earlier this year, but due to circumstances it is delayed. A new releasedate is set for early 2013 & will come with pleasant surprises.  Artwork and tracklist can be viewed below.

Recenty we did an interview with vocalist  Shucky Miranda, about the new album he says:

‘With the old line-up we recorded the preview of the new CD in Santos (São Paulo, Brazil) with Bruno Armentano (from Ataque Verbal). Continue reading »